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African Sun And Indoor Gardening: Pushing My Own Boundaries


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On the eve of our 21 day lockdown I have already started getting bored.
Some seedling pics and then I have been playing with some gifs again.
Seedling pics.
Only one of three Deb's Meds that came up.

And so far only one of three Stitched Up Kush auto's has popped.

In the seedling fridge

And only one of three Northern lights that popped but it seems to be taking strain. The first set of leaves did not fully develop.

All the latest seedlings
I can only hope they will all be girls.

I have been given 50 or so varied Kush seeds.
Among these are Master Kush and some more Blueberry Kush.
They are bagseed so I will, as usual have to check for males.
Itching to pop some of these already.


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I took some videos but seem unable to upload them on 420.
I don't put my growing on any of the social media platforms.
So I have turned them into 5 second gif parts.
Seems to work okay
Here are a few of a night raid on my greenhouse.
Still working on getting these in my posts. I hope it works
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Hi Strain, your gif works! It's in action when the page loads and stops. Nice touch and a beautiful cola/plant!


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Hi Strain, your gif works! It's in action when the page loads and stops. Nice touch and a beautiful cola/plant!
Thanks Mr Otter
I have been playing around with gifs in another program so I will try to post them and some other updates of the veg cupboard with changes and challenges.


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Made changes to the veg cupboard.
Since I up-potted the one Cali Orange I have raised the plants, topped all of them and added a clone.

The raised bottom shelf

I am going to take the shelf down a bit as I think the heat is a bit too much this close

The up-potted Cali Orange

A clone with Deb's Meds just behind it.
That's the changes to the veg cupboard, with all the rest topped.


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Its been raining again.
Concerned about one Cali Orange Super Lemon Haze, I decided to harvest early as the possibility of bud rot is very real in these wet conditions.
2020-04-01 14.00.59.jpg
Last on the little girl while the rest was already in the water for cleaning
Then washed and hanging
2020-04-01 13.52.29.jpg
I also took a couple of samples from the Durban Poison, a Cali Orange and one section from the other COSLH
Washed and hanging
All early but this wet weather can cause problems so I needed a closer look at the buds
Plus I have some testers.
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