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AfroSmoke.com Product Review - 4" CSI Hand Pipe

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Welcome to another product review of an excellent hand pipe from our sponsor AfroSmoke.com! Along with that, they were so nice enough to include the free items for all orders over $45. So pack up a bowl, roll up a spliff or whatever your heart desires and get ready for some great products!

First up we have the hand pipe. When picking out hand pipes, there are some specific things I like to get with it. I never know til I see it on what it could be, could be heavy quality glass, could be the design of the pipe, could be just the color. Either way, it's got to have something unique with it! So when I chose this pipe, nothing different from my preferences. This hand pipe is made by CSI Glass, it has some thick blue glass with great weight balance to it even with having a glass frog on the front piece of the bowl. Now the cool thing about the happy frog being on the front of this pipe is not just it being a frog on the front of the pipe. Want to sit outside in the dark and have yourself a bowl and just relax? The frog glows with you! Yes that's right, it glows!

There are 2 different colors that this particular pipe comes in, green and blue, and the frog glows in the corresponding color of the pipe, my little blue buddy is so bluetiful. This pipe also features a deep bowl, you can pack a little or pack a lot, it's all your decision. To go with that deep bowl, there is also a shotgun carb. Meaning you take your hit and when you release your carb, be ready to get a shotgun blast! Learning how to pull slow drags when you release is something that you get the hang of after a few hard chokes. But rest assure, you get your hits worth with that carb!

Along with my hand pipe, I also received the free package that all orders over $45 receive with their purchase. You get a magnetic pipe, mini bic lighter, 5-pk brass screens, a pack of XL Bob Marley Hemp Rolling Papers, AfroSmoke fridge magnet and AfroSmoke stickers! All of which I feel is a great package for a take along pack! Going out on a hike and want to take some meds with you, the magnet pipe breaks apart in half and is great for small hits. Don't want to use the pipe, luckily you have the rolling papers, and with them being hemp papers, you can rest assure that you are safe with the hemp papers, and they even send you the lighter!

As usual, more great products from one of our great sponsors! I would like to take this time now to send a special Thank You to AfroSmoke for the wonderful hand pipe, and THANK YOU for your continued support to our mission, we are truly grateful!


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