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After 23 years of service!


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After 23 years of faithful service, we retired our stash can.
A brown tin 2 1/2"x3 1/2"x 5 1/2".
It has traveled with us to:
43 Concerts
8 Weddings
15 Births
14 Deaths
22 States
13 Houses/Apartments
93 State Parks
164 Camping Trips
Thousands of short road trips (dropped from our jeep at 55 once)
Lost 2 times (both times was found with everything still in it)and...
Carried 2 pipes,papers, roach clip, extra screens, a poker, a stone,scissors, and an average of 1 oz per week.

It has a crack in the lid and has been bent out of shape, dropped in the mud, lakes, snow etc..... Basically it's served us well and deserves a proper retirement. :goodluck:

It's time for "The Can" to be placed on a shelf and a new one to take its place.

I will smoke a 1g bowl of Bubble Hash in honor of this occasion.

Happy Kitty

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Ah the wonderful life of a stash box.:goodjob:

And now another place of honor for a faithful friend. Sa-a-lute!:welldone:

I'll smoke a bowl, too. :peace2:
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stay thirsty my freind:rip:


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lol........I dunno Crimson...I have been to allot of places...got stoned all over the place.....depending on how old you are, I think I have T-shirts older than you????


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Wow bro, you took notes on all this over the years?? :thumb: Props to you ....I can't even keep my fu%Kin lighter for more than a day without losing it and buying a new one...I actually don't think I have anything that has stayed with me that long except for family members and I try to lose some of them but haven't been so lucky!!!(not lose as in death people)..What is on the agenda now my friend??? Is there going to be a burial ceremony and than possibly an adoption of a new stash box member of the family!!!! You rock man and I really give you respect for being able to hold on to the same item for so long...I wish I was your stash box sorta, it has seen possibly more awesome things and places than I will ever see in a lifetime......Anyhow, enough of my nonsense, good luck to you my friend and hope your next box knows what kind of a ride it is going on!!!!!:goodjob:

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I hope you and your new stash box have 50 more years together!:adore:
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