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After flushing due to overfeeding; when to start feeding again?

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I have 2 plants in coco-perlite hempies. They are 6 weeks into flower when I discovered nute burn (calcium lockout due to overfeeding bloom nutes) I immediately flushed with enough water so that the run off was coming out clear and testing under 150PPM in the 5.85 PH range.

Now my question is... when do I start feeding again? Surely at a much reduced dosage but the timing is what I am curious about. Any ideas?

Thank you!!!

IMO. Allow your plants to dry up a bit and start feeding again with Half strength . Continue to watch the lower leaves, if nute burn continues back off on the feed some more. Are you feeding every watering or alternating ?
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They are in hempy buckets using coco-perlite media. So, you water everyday. Feed 2 days, plain water the third. Rinse and repeat. That is what I was doing.
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Thank you for that link devils letuce!!
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Thank you Tead.

I've had a few successful and issue-free soil grows I thought why not try this coco everyone is raving about. I have never overfed like this in the past and it straight freaked me out. It was my fault for getting trigger happy with the nutes.

So now I am very gun shy about feeding again but at the same time she just entered week 7 of flowering and needs to eat something. I have been feeding plain water one day and extremely low nutes (3ml/gal; less than 300PPM) the next. She looks alright but buds are not growing. I think it is time to give a 2-3ml bump up in the feed and watch closely.


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I would keep bumping them up over the next few days. You can make sure you don't over feed that way.
Hydro feeding schedules are very different from soil. I'm not at all surprised you ran into issues on your first try at hydro.
Flushing your plant might make it perk quickly, but the full results of the over feeding will play out over the next week. I'm not at all surprised your bud growth has slowed a bit. I see it as a normal result from an over-feed. Give them some time... they'll be fine. You might have extended your flower period for a week or two.
I've just stuck my toes into the hempy waters as well. Way happy with the results so far. I've tried many other hydro techniques and I'm extremely happy to find one that works well in my hot and humid world.
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Glad hempy is working for you Tead.

Just got done feeding a little more today. Lets see how they like it.

Thanks again for your help guys.-