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All right, this is my first thread here :welcome:

So long story short, I had been smoking weed and tripping non-stop for the last 72 hours. Now I'm coming down.

Keep in mind that I'm pretty new at this.. the last 3 days are a blur and I've been to places far too high to come back from. It's either my low tolerance or just the quality of what I had... Anyway, I feel pretty tired now, like my poor brain wasn't really designed to withstand that kind of baking. :laugh2:

So I guess my point is.. I feel like I've been phenomenally high and now I'm going to come crashing down just as hard. Is this common for new users? or with weed in general? What can I do to help um.. mitigate it/soften the blow?

P.S I prefer not to smoke any more for now, I wanna give my nervous system a break lol
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