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Age requirements for medical card?


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I was just wondering if there is a age reiquirement to get medical cannabis and if so what is the age you must be?


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thats sorta weird, ya don't gotta be 18 for all those 'legal' yet killer (old school term) Rx drugs. ya gotta get um hooked and fucked up early i guess. program um before they are able to think and ask questions. i'm not sayin kids need to smoke for recreation, but medical is medical. just more bs.

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Well in fairness you can be udner 18 and be perscribed marijuana its just most docotrs won't thats all. Ypu really have to be sick to get a docotrs note if you are under 18


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when i was in school i had a really hard time paying attention. i'm sure today i'd of been diagnosed with ADD or some such and givin' the mind altering drugs the Rx for kids now. i wasn't a bad kid and i liked learning but if the teacher said something that made me think, thats what i would do, i would run with the thought as far as i could take it. thinkin about it just know made me see that i had a run on thought just like when ya smoke somthin nice and heady and your mind just travels. sorta like mine is right now, i don't have motor mouth, i guess its motor fingers. sorry, i'll stop...... oh, now i remember, i was gonna make a point ( yes i am and yes its heady :3: ). the point was a kid smoking could be good or bad depending on the kid. for me i don't think it would have been a good thing cause my mind was still free at that point and runnin amouk. i guess if the kid had some strain that would cause them to focus. hell school is brainwashing for the most part anyway. but it couldn't be worse than the drugs they are getting now and i think but don't know, that the jury is still out on many of those drugs when it comes to lasting effects....


ok, i'll shut up now.
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