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Agents Seize Drugs & Cash In Marijuana Dispensary Raids


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Federal agents and local law enforcers raided a marijuana dispensary and a private home Tuesday, seizing some 50 pounds of marijuana and thousands of dollars in cash, officials said.The dispensary could re-open.

These kinds of raids will happen as long as marijuana possession is illegal under federal law, officials said.

The warrants were served at Nature’s Medicinal Cooperative at 323 Roberts Lane and at 229 Montalvo Street, where the owner of the dispensary lives, a Sheriff’s Department news release said. David Chavez Sr. operates the dispensary with his son, David Chavez Jr.

Assisting the DEA were the Kern County Sheriff Patrol Division, the Sheriff’s Major Violator Unit, the Bakersfield Police Department Major Violator Unit and the Southern Tri-County High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Unit, the news release said.

Neighbors on the quiet Montalvo Street — some retrieving their empty recycling containers from the sidewalk, others trimming rose bushes in well-manicured front yards — were alarmed to see four vehicles pull up to the sidewalk and several men scramble out shortly before 9 a.m.

The men, some wearing flak jackets, some wearing DEA vests, grabbed handguns and semiautomatic weapons and sprinted to the door of the flat-roofed, blue-gray house. They pounded on the front door and yelled, “Search warrant! We have a search warrant!”

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i was told they were doing something wrong.. not sure what?? i don't want to pass on rumors.... we have other clubs here so were not dry... not sure what they will do with the medical information that they removed from the store.... i wish them well


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To bad, one of my favorite dispensaries ........great people that seem to care if you do what will help with the pain.....The DEA needs to raid Rite-Aid...


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They must have done something to piss off the local powers to be as the Feds no longer go it alone and are normally invited by local powers to be.

Federal agents and local law enforcers raided a marijuana dispensary

You won't find one incident in these newspaper stories of MCD busts here in California unless the local powers to be invited the Feds to be involved in a task force.

The DEA hasn't dared to go it alone since Sept. 5th 2002 when a Santa Cruz Sheriff's deputy negotiated with the DEA on behalf of the sick members of WAMM to release Valerie and Mike Corral in exchange for letting the U-Hauls full of their medicinal marijuana down from the garden. The uninvited DEA was giving us some Wild West.. Santa Cruz said, "Back at-cha"!

The Story- cannabisnews.com: San Jose Cops Off DEA Squad

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