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AHHH, powder mold!


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I've just discovered that I've got the dreaded powder mold. Why me damn it?! I keep the humidity low. This sux! I've just ordered some SNS 244. Damn it! I just ordered some SNS 203 for my gnat problem last week. I went ahead and got some SNS 217 for spider mites just in case. I hate all of this reacting to problems shit! I guess that soon I'll have a fix for every problem out there. This shit is getting fucking expensive. I'm growing outdoors next summer. This indoor growing is a pain in the ass.


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Re: AHHH, powder mold!!!

Outdoors I'll have to deal with rabbits and deer. Is growing your own really cheaper? I'm starting to wonder. It's gonna take a lot of killer buds to make me my money back.

JJ Bones

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Growing your own is cheaper, and much more fulfilling. Your initial investment will always seem like a lot, because you're just starting, however most things get reused which is where the real savings comes into play.

Everyone gets mites, PM etc. It's apart of the learning process. Prevention is key.
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