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Well hello there to all my fellow ganja smokers,

My name is Roxy and I have been smoking for the past 4 years this October.... for the first three years it was more an on off thing where i wasn't all that bothered if i had any or not but the past year i have been smoking it everyday....
I am now begining to relise it as a culture and it has really opened up my mind to how things really are, I was diagnosed with depresssion last year and have been perscribed anti-depresants but in my honest opinion weed has helped me alot more, when i'm high i'm not crying over silly things, it helps me escape from my problems when i start to think about things to much, as i am a carer for my mum who is sevearly disabled with MS it just takes the edge off....
I'm lucky really, my mum doesn't mind that weed is a part of my life because she knows how much it helps me....anywho on to more light chat...

Don't know really what else to write but i will say anyone else who is a weed smoker....chat to me, i love a good natter when stoned ;) hehe



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:welcome: Welcome to 420! Take your shoes off and set a spell. You will find us a comfortable bunch to hang out with....:welcome:

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Hello and welcome to 420-land Roxy.
Sorry to hear about you Mom, M.S. is not an easy thing to deal with from a caregivers perspective...glad you have found cannabis to help you.

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We've got some great organic gardeners around. I'm sure they'd subscribe to a grow journal and offer some tips along the way.

Here's the thread to read to get an overview - for planning purposes ;)
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:rasta:gday mate greetings from aus! trust me dont take those meds all you need is weed:rasta:

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Hello there and welcome! :) Glad to hear that marijuana has helped, i agree 100% with your assessment. Pot most definitely helps me more than meds ever could. Nice to know that there are others that have used marijuana for those reasons. Once my parents saw that smoking weed wasn't hurting me and that it didn't turn me into some cracked out brainless drone they backed off a bit...we still don't talk about it though, lol. Hope all is well, glad you found this site! Lots of great people here.
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