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Air control-exhaust-intake-or what? Help!


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Hi All: Here is a problem I would appreciate some help on. Maybe one of you have encountered something similar or if I'm real lucky a heating/cooling expert might respond. Here is my problem.
I have a tent grow consisting of two tents a bloom tent and a vegetation/everything else tent. The two tents are coupled together.
The vegetation tent gets it's air from the bloom tent and exhausts to the bloom tent through flex conduit one 4" input ( I plan to change the input from 4" to 6" ). and a 6" 240cfm duct motor back to the bloom tent. The air in the vegetation room is exhausted through a small drying tent within the vegetation tent back to the bloom tent through the 6" duct motor which I regulate with a variable motor control. Wow hope you can visualize this.
I did this so I have a place to dry my product and also be able to exhaust through the bloom rooms scrubber. OK here comes the problem.

Bloom room tent size is 4.3'x11.2'x7' = 337cuft, it's recommended to change air every 5 min in a room, 337/5= 67.4cfm for bloom room.
Vegetation tent size is 2'x9'x7' = 126cuf/5 =25.2cfm vegetation room.
Total vegetation & bloom tents = 67.4 + 25.2 = 92.6cfm x 5min = 463cuftm of air that should be exhausted from the tents per minute.

I use a 6" 500cfm exhaust motor run through my 2 600w lights to a scrubber filter for exhaust for both tents.

I also have two 6" feeds to the bloom tent from my house heating & cooling system that I have no idea what volume of air I'm getting out of these but it's my air condition and heat the inputs are also damper regulated. With no return to the house I don't know what I'm getting here.

I also have a 6" 170cfm duct fan connected through the floor to a filter box outside for cool air for the 3 air pumps I use. Damper regulated and variable motor control.

During the winter "I'm in Michigan" I will be installing a 8000btu air conditioner to the bloom tent and a chiller to my rdwc and eventually CO2 and of course I don't want to be exhausting my air conditioner or CO2 to the outside. What is the beat way to handle this type of system for maximum efficiency. I'm just kind of at a loss at this point.

When all tents are zipped up I get sucked in walls on the vegetation tent and over expanded walls on the Bloom tent. I don't think this should be. It's been suggested to exhaust and intake from outside the lights by them self's on their own closed system and use scrubber only for exhaust of room. Anybody else doing this? Anyway all suggestion are surely appreciated
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