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Air Cooling HID Lights


I have seen alot around about hoods with glass bottoms and fans circulating air through the hood to keep the heat from warming the room up, i think thats the point please correct me if i'm wrong.

My question is this, how do you determine the size of fan you need to keep the light cool. More specifically if you wanted to use a 400 watt HID in a small cabnet with an ambient temperature in the 80-90's, how much air circulation would you need to mitigate the effect of the lamp.


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Well I run a 400 watt hps in a 2.5x3x6.5 Ft closet I use 2 inline fans both rated at 175cfm. One I use to cool the light and the other I use to exhaust air out. The light fixture is in a glass tube. My temps stay around 80-85


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You can also hook one of those big bastards up to your fan, so you can get two birds stoned at once, cooling and odor if you have carbon filter.


Would an 8 inch ecoplus inline booster be strong enough for one light, its rated for 370cfm, but when i was at the hydro store the guy there said those fans were only good for use in really long ducts that needed some boosting. Also does anyone know if this type of fan is really loud or not?


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dunno i was going to upgrade to a cool sun hood it has 6 inch hookups i think most of them do!
and then just get a squirrel cage fan with the adapters to make it fit the 6 inch ducting.
not the booster though i dont think thats what we need.
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