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Air exchange from one tent to the other tent question


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hello fellow 420 members!!!!

I am getting ready to set up my grow and flower tents. I was wondering if i could take my exhaust air from my veg tent, pull the filtered air into my flower tent as fresh air then exhaust that air into my veg tent as fresh air. it would be a recirculating air system between veg room through flower room. i would be using two 200 cfm inline fans with two phresh filters. my veg tent is 3x3 and my flower tent is 4x4. my question would be is this possible to do??? would i need air being exhausted out of both the tents or just one??

please leave your opinions or comments. i am clearing out space tomorrow and plan on setting up both tents and get these cycles going..

thank you very much for reading.


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Ive never really thought about doing that. Intresting.. I would like to see how this is gonna turn out. Keep posted :peace:
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