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Airconditioned Smart Pots

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Hi All
New here but have read quite a few posts and have learned a lot thanks to all. Have a question as we have begun thankfully to get our cge under control with 16 lights at 85 75 day night respective temps decent humidity and c02 etc. We are in coco with 7 gal dirt pots. Girls look pretty happy. Weve got our res running 68 degrees wish it was a little cooler and air stones out the wazoo but got to thinking after a couple of vapes, we water the medium with our best yet, 68 degree water and air bubbles, but an hour later the medium cooco temp drops to the ambient air temp near the floor of about 75 degrees. Anybody ever build a duct or long box to duct air into the area just around the pots to keep the root zone cooler and away from the c02 ? Hence more o2 and cooler root zone. Just an idea. Probably over thinkin it. Airconditioned Smart Pots or something like that LOL :peace:
Although I do think temperature and O2 controlled root zone would be beneficial, it may be more effort then it is worth, but the only way to truly know is to give it a try, and measure the difference in harvest.
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I guess thats why a lot of guys go hydro and the heck with the top watering as well.
Weve put in some more floor fans and has brought the temps down considerably. The 7 gal Dirt Pots we're using are now at 72degrees
after 12 hours then the lights go off and they get down to 68. Interestingly we have some girls in 10 gallon plastic and they are holding at 80 degrees after 12 hours. The plants still look good in both but the dirt pot plants seem to grow a bit faster. We are gonna ditch our plastic next round. And run a couple of ducts for two rows just an experiment. Weve also taken on some uvb flo lighting this week as well and are looking into methanol. Thanks for the input LE.
You are welcome.