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Airlines any ideas?

Lord Jebus

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NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NON NON NON NON NON NON NYET NYET NYET NYET. Don't even try it man, or you'll be in jail.


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i've done it. wear some pajama pants with pockets under your pants. put the weed in the pj pockets and twist them around so the pockets are by your genitals. you can easily get an eighth or less through. Airport security will not make a grab for your junk on a random search, especially on a domestic flight.


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lol nicely put.. idk if would take the risk of being smelled out by the cops though.haha maybe you could duct tape like a quarter under your..sack if applicable lmao!! or your inner thigh. idk though dont you go through x-rays??or is that just a metal detector?
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