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Airport travel/Body Scan


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I'm a CA medical patient but this is a whole different territory.

So before this whole body scan business i used to just stuff a sack next to my sack and i'd be worry free.

This whole new body scan business kinda tripped me out b/c i wasn't sure what exactly they can see.

This last weekend i flew from LAX to Milwaukee with a layover in Chicago. I decided to go on the safer side and throw 4 hubby bars in with a snack bag and put it in my carry-on. I used a ziplock freezer bag.

LAX was a easy. Didn't even get a body scan. Through and done. Was sitting in CHI and looked up from my book to see a HUGE German Shephard smelling up on my bags. Basically crapped myself. The dog moved on and my heart started beating again. 10 mins later a different dog was walked by, smelled, and passed!

I had nothing left over for the way back.

I got a chance to look at the body scanner. I didn't see the scan show up on the display so i cant really tell ya what it shows but it looked like it just picked up if you had any metal. It didn't look like an Xray unit and im sure there would have to be some sort of disclaimer considering its not good for your gens to be exposed to that radiation.

Anyways, i doubt im the only one on here with this need and concern so if anyone else has any insight it would be greatly appreciated!
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