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Ak-47 - LED - DWC


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Starting a grow journal for this little girl. I call her Akela
She began her life with the death of my first two grows which resulted in males. https://www.420magazine.com/forums/journals-progress/221416-first-grow-hempy-bucket-cfl.html

What strain is it? ak47 autoflower
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? indica sativa ruderalis hybrid
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg
If in Veg... For how long? 6 days
Indoor or outdoor? indoor
Soil or Hydro? Hydro
Size of light? TOPLED 48x3w reflector
Temp of Room/cab? 20-26 Celsius
RH of Room/cab? unknown
PH of media or res? 5.8
Any Pests ? hope not
Type and strength of ferts used? just started on 1/8th flora Nova grow

Until today just bubbling in rain water and voodoo juice.

Hope you all enjoy and or can lend a hand as this is just grow number 3


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Re: Ak-47 . Led . Dwc

I'm thinking the same thing. Last plant started showing roots about 3 days from this point and then growth took off. Hoping for the same. Won't be seeing her until tomorrow at about 5 eastern so I should see some noticeable growth.

Got lots of views thanks everyone who's watching in silence and don't be shy if you have a question or an answer that's how the community grows


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If it was stunted bad enough it won't produce like the breeder says. Photos will stunt and then carry on like normal, autos have a set lifespan and will die when their time is up, regardless of bud size


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Re: Ak-47 . Led . Dwc

That's terrible news lol. If anything maybe it was a week old before I got it he had said it just broke the soil the week he gave me it. I hope I'm overreacting I'll take a better look and some pics later on tonight.

Temperature has been crazy lately my res Temp is now 25 Celsius highest it's been. Going to do a fresh batch of rain water and quarter strength nutes after the heat has subsided for today. She shows no burn from the eighth strength so maybe that's grounds to give her a little more and see how she looks. Reducing the strength after should be easy if she does burn I just remove some mix and add some more water.

Let's hope for some better news when I return later on


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Re: Ak-47 . Led . Dwc


Just slowly moving along. Not much going on at this point. Had been on quarter strength nutes for a little over a day and a half with no ill signs.


Took a couple of close up leaf and stem shots trying to figure this camera phone out. For some reason there's no macro mode or exposure settings or decent white balance. Oh well.


If you notice a little clone broke into the grow room from someone who's plant was getting too tall so they gave me the top when it preflowered. Its just in a jiffy pellet and warm rain water I hope it takes.

Any suggestions or cautions welcomed. Happy growing.


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Re: Ak-47 . Led . Dwc

Clone was cut last night around 8 or so... so probably no. If this one takes I will be making it a mother most likely as the guy said the bud he found the seed in was great.

I'm thinking another hempy bucket for her. Not sure on size or grow medium yet though I'm sure I have at least a week to think before she's ready if she takes. Any suggestions for a mother plant sized hempy or your favorite hempy medium? All perlite seems quite popular
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