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When my daughter was 12 years old, she had her first seizure and for over 10 years she has been battling epilepsy. She has taken one prescription medication after another, enduring side effects such as slowed thinking, slow reflexes, difficulty with word retrieval, depression, sleepiness and weight gain, just to name a few. All of this failed to result in long-term control of her seizures.

Under the care of an epilepsy specialist at Swedish Hospital in Seattle and a holistic doctor with experience in medical marijuana, she added cannabis to her treatment regimen. She has finally found something that works to give her control of her seizures, she is happy and vibrant once again, and she has renewed hope for a normal seizure-free life.

I know others in this community who have benefited from safe, legal access to cannabis to treat conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, side effects of cancer chemotherapy, fibromyalgia and other conditions. Several local growers have developed strains that are lower in THC and high in CBD specifically to help people like my daughter who need the medical benefits but want a reduced psychoactive effect. There are manufacturers in Alaska whom I have talked to who are interested in developing high-CBD, low-THC products such as tinctures and pills for those who prefer not to smoke.

Those trying to ban the industry state that this proposition doesn’t make marijuana illegal. Why on earth would it be a good idea to have marijuana legal but not allow safe, legal access to getting it? Proposition 1 and Proposition A take away access to cannabis that is grown and sold in licensed, regulated, inspected facilities and has been tested for toxins such as mold. It is also claimed that people can just grow their own, but people shouldn’t have to learn to grow, process and experiment with cannabis to get the medicine they need. They should be able to buy it from a business that specializes in growing and processing. Don’t take away access to legal cannabis for medical patients like my daughter. Vote “no†on Propositions 1 and A.

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