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AK47xHash Plant. I need some genetics info!

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Just got turned on to a couple AK47xHash Plant clones... I have looked and don't find much on this particular hybrid.
I know that the AK is a good outdoor producer but I don't know about the HP side as I have read it is an indo strain so...
The question I have is, has anyone done this strain outdoors?


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bummer, AK47 ,This easy-to-grow plant is Serious Seeds' most popular. It is of medium height and produces good yields quite quickly. Extremely strong odour and smoke, so take extra care over odour control when growing near neighbours.

The name is not linked to any idea of violence, but is more in association with the 'one hit wonder' that the smoke is. Quality without compromise makes AK suitable for commercial grows or home use. These plants have a short flowering period for a Sativa, producing compact, not too leafy buds that gleam with a coat of resin crystals.

The plant has thus far won seven prizes in various Cannabis competitions, including second prize for the Best Sativa in the 1999 High Times Cannabis Cup, which is proof that AK is a favourite to smoke as well as to grow.

Very strong, long lasting and pleasant high. An independent lab test showed 21.5% THC in the samples at the Cannabis Cup 1999, the highest of all entries that year!
Height Medium
Yield Sog High
Flowering Period weeks 8 (8-9)
Type Mostly Sativa
Harvesting Month 10
Seed Bank Serious Seeds
Climate Both
Feminized Marijuana Seeds No
Effect High
Difficulty Normal
Cannabis Cup Winner Yes

Hash ,this precious Afghani is descended from one of the finest hash-making cultivars ever brought from the Hindu Kush to the west. Cannabis strains known generally as hash plants are found throughout the countries that border these mountains, but very few have the pedigree of this Hash Plant - a living definition of the stocky, chunky, beautifully sticky Afghanica genotype. The direct ancestor of Hash Plant was developed in the Northwest USA and came to Holland as a few carefully-transported female cuttings. Upon arrival, the tiny, fragile Hash Plant clones were given a safe home in the Sensi Seed Bank breeding labs, where this outstanding cultivar quickly proved her worth, becoming an important building-block in several other Sensi hybrids.

Over the years, many experimental crosses were made in search of a pollen-father that could match up to the HP female and produce seeds worthy of the Hash Plant name. An equal partnership was eventually found in a male from Afghanica's other royal family - the Northern Lights line. A 50/50 HP x NL#1 father was back-crossed to the original HP mother, which gave us the 75% HP-25% NL hybrid. Of all our breeding experiments, this crossing produced the strongest specimens by far - with even experienced Dutch smokers having trouble finishing a single joint. Thus the Hash Plant seed strain was born.

Hash Plant stays compact during her extra-short flowering time. Her tight, resin-drenched flower clusters develop a brittle surface when dried and give off a deep, rich Afghani aroma that's undercut with a hint of hashish. When smoked, her dominant flavour is the spicy-sharp bite of smouldering resin glands, a sensation which quickly becomes indistinguishable from her effect. The instant vaporization of those layers of sparkling trichomes accelerates Hash Plant's rapid, blissful and breathtakingly powerful body-stone.
Flowering: 40-45 days
Height: 100-130 cm
Yield: 90-120 gr:smokin2::smokin2::smokin2:Would have been nice...next time!:smokin2:
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If it ever stops raining and being cold. If you are growing outdoors like you did last year I would grow from seed if I were you. Crops grown from seed tend to be stronger and can handle the cold better. Also, you get better yields. This I am certain of. When you get a clone from somebody there is no telling if the person you got it from grew the mother from seed or they too got it as a clone. Do you see what I'm trying to say? There is no telling how many times removed from the original mother a clone is unless you have a solid chain of custody all the way back to the mother. Also, there is no way of telling just by looking at it. When I started growing from seed instead of clones my yield improved so much. You SCRoG a plant grown from seeds and you got buds the size of your arm.
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