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Ak48 First Grow


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This is my first grow any help is appreciated!

Strain: Nirvana ak 48
65% indica 35% sativa
3 bag seed
Currently 2 Weeks into flowering, in vegetative stage for 4 1/2 weeks
Indoor Closet grow
Ocean forest soil 2 gallon pots
15 Cfl lightbulbs 8 6500k 7 2500k not exactly sure what watts but I believe they are all 100watt equivalent
I have central Ac and leave the door open and a 14inch fan as well in the room
67degrees in the room
Watering every 2, 3 days
I twice applied Miracle-Gro All Purpose Liquid Plant Food because it was all I could get my hands on at the time. I believe it was hurting my plant so I stopped applying and flushed each plant some are still showing some kind of deficiency. I found a hydroponics store what would you recommend for flowering?
The room is probably 5ft in length and 4ft width 8feet high
Mylar on most of the wall.
Also how long will they take to show their sex?
Here's a few pics
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