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Today I switched the grow to 12/12 to force the Autoberrys to flower. The ATFxAFG are twice the size of the ABs but half their age. Getting tired of the unbearable heat spell we're having, and the grow is not helping matters any. So I'm forcing the whole unit to flower.
what a relentless task master you are! lol I hope the heat wave lets up for you soon... we just started to get the 90 degree heat here in Missouri this week, and I don't like it.
The temperatures in Anchorage still flip me out. Looks like it might hit 87°F on Thursday. I'm significantly south (and east) of you, and it's only expected to get 1°F warmer here that day.

When I was a boy, trying and often failing to fall asleep at night during the hot/muggy weather, I often daydreamed (nightdreamed, lol?) of moving to your area so that it wouldn't matter whether a person could afford air conditioning. Kind of glad I didn't get to make that move now, although I expect the meat I occasionally drop from my kitchen doorway would be "a bit" bigger.
Yah... hooray for global warming....... NOT!

Y'all should learn to grow rice. After the permafrost that the place is built on top of melts, it'll be a pretty huge swampy area.
Yes it will, esp in the Interior. When the sea rises, our coastal areas will need to relocate. It's already happening, even up North. Each decade, the heat index has risen, the winters are not so cold, and the summers are hot as Hell for us.
At 9 days since the switch, I'm finally starting to see a show of pistils on the Autoberrys, just at the tips for now. The ATFxAFG plants are growing like I would expect males. The tips are showing a ragged look, like there is more emerging than just leaves. I suspect those will be male pods.

The ATFxAFG's are huge and lanky compared to the autoberrys, which remain small and compact. I don't think these autoberrys are trying very hard. Maybe the seeds were too old.

I removed dying leaves and a runt from the ATFxAFG 5 gallon bin. The runt will be dried for herbs. I suspect that the whole bin will turn out male, and will soon be harvested for cooking herbs.

Most serious growers would have pulled their grow by now, if they looked like mine, but I am too worn out from the heat spell to call it quits and harvest what little I have for herbs. I don't expect much this time around.

The hot weather has broken, and we're getting relief, with temps now in the upper 70's F. The grow unit got up to 90 F, this last week, when the official temp rose that high. Two fans in every room helped a little, but we Alaskans are not used to that kind of heat.

Between earthquakes in the West, high heat in the mid and lower states and floods in the East, I would say that we fared the best up here. I'm watching the CA earthquake news with interest, because I know what's coming for them. Months of aftershocks and homes continuing to sink into the ground or collapse. Cracks continuing to widen, making streets impassable. :-(

That's all I have for now. Turning out to be a poor grow. I'll give it to the end of the month, and if I don't see enough progress, it's all coming down. Maybe start fresh in the fall.
Do you suppose they'll stop allowing folks to build/live in the fault zones now?

They let people build in the flood plain area here, although they require flood insurance (which is more expensive there than it is on mountaintops, lol). But they also require that the buildings and the properties they're being built on be raised above the 100-year high water mark - and we haven't had a serious flood for almost 90 years, anyway, so it's kind of like requiring fire-retardant paint on a stone wall).

Not sure what would be compatible in regards to earthquakes. Make them love in tents, maybe :rolleyes: . A powerful enough earthquake might not pooch one of those, assuming the person didn't stake it down. But then if a big crack opened up beneath it, or a sinkhole... <POOF>.

No, I guess I figure the greed of the people who stand to turn a profit, coupled with the stupidity of folks who don't have sense enough to go live somewhere else will ensure that people continue to live in that region of the country.

Well, at least no one died. That's good - I always find it difficult to mourn suicides. And that's what it'd amount to.

Hey, I'm guessing all they have to do to minimize the increasing likelihood of a real big one (IOW, one that might cause us to have to redo the Richter scale) would be to pump enough water and oil back into the ground there to match the amount they've removed in the last 100 years or so. Think that's going to happen, lol?
Follow the money, TS. It's always about the money.

I feel for the people in the LA area. They're going to have months of aftershocks, settling earth, and sinking homes, even those a hundred miles from the epicenter. And that one was at the juncture of two smaller fault lines out in the desert. :-(
I cleaned up the grow and retired all the ATFxAFG plants that had sprouted outdoors. Their growing tips showed not pistils and with close inspection, I saw what looked like the beginning of male pods.

After that, I cleaned up the Autoberries, trimmed out some lower branches, and spread them out to get as much light as they're going to get with my small unit. The Autoberries are 14 days from switch. I needed to force them to flower after 10 weeks from seed. Nothing was happening, and they had stopped growing new foliage.

After the switch, I got some stretch and the tips began to show pistils.

Closeup of the front-most flower, from the most vigorous (if you can call these itty bitties "vigorous" lady.

I have removed the nutes from the kitchen window sill and put them in storage and dumped the extra soil into the yards. The Ostrich ferns and few potted flowers along the ramp should appreciate it.

This is going to be my last grow for a while, since the family prefers the pretty buds from the shops, even tho mine are free. Sure, they aren't as pretty, and don't have that knock-you-on-your-ass diesel terpenes. The extra fees double my actual usage!

But, it's time to put it all away and use the grow unit for its original purpose: extra clothes storage. Plus, I want to see how low I can get my electric bill. The rates keep going up, and I've been growing since March 2015.

I have explored as many methods of growing, cloning, breeding, and training that my limited space would allow. I had luck with a few, but mostly small yields, and some really ugly mite infestations that took out a lot of buds.

In the end, however, I discovered how to eliminate mites before they get started: pretreat the soil with diluted Neem and your nutes, then let it cook for 3 to 6 months. And DON'T let ANYONE else touch your ladies or accept any gift clones!!

I also tried to show that one could grow one's own meds on the cheap, in a corner of a bedroom, with CFL's and a couple of MARS 300 panels, using metal wire shelving, desk (clippies) and floor fans, and some tarp for walls. Did I save $? No, cause I never sold any to recoup my costs. It was free to family.

I have enough seed, buds, and ground herbs to last the rest of my life and someone's else's. I don't want my seeds to get too old, so, unless I get the urge to do one good grow of Harlies this Winter or next Spring, there won't be any more grows.

So that's where it stands. I've had many hobbies over my life, forever moving on to new ones. I'll need to wait for my creative side to come out of hiding and lead me into my next venture.

I still have some journaling to do as this Autoberry grow heads for harvest, and then we'll see.

We're at 3 weeks since the flip and I'm starting to see some mini-groups of calyxes at the lower nodes. They are filling out a tad, too, with nothing to pollinate them. Of course the few big buds will be dried and cured as usual and all the mini-buds and leaves ground into herbs.

It's been months since I had a nightcap of tincture and wine, and I thought I would partake last night, because my joints are killing me. Well, folks, I was stoned before I finished the 4 oz of wine/tincture! My mix is 1 oz tincture to 3 oz pinot noir. And the tincture's base was Bicardi rum. I prefer a bit of "sweetness" to the drink.

Not much tolerance, I'm afraid, which is why I don't get those so-called alert head highs. it all goes fuzzy and dizzy, then I'm down for the count. :laugh:
I finally found a picture of an autoberry that looks just like mine! All the others aren't even close! I was beginning to think that the seeds I bought last year were mislabelled, because I have none of the big full colas, the blues, and the structure shown in all the other pics. Mine are single clusters here and there at the nodes.

According to the various posts of flower to harvest, I have about 3 - 4 more weeks till they are ready.

My ladies look pretty tired. The pistils are withering and they are using up their leaves. They're on the downhill slide to harvest. I took pics, but the pics do not show any trics, so I don't know what's going on with them. They are due to be harvested within 2 weeks.

I gave them one more soak of plain water last night, altho the bins were still heavy. I haven't had to feed or water them much, no more often than once a month, in spite of how dry our weather has been.

Other than an occasional peek, I haven't been monitoring them. Way too busy with other things. They seem to do all right without my mother-henning them.
The two ladies on the right are maturing faster than the big one on the left. 50% amber pistils, plenty of trics on the sugar leaves. But these old eyes cannot make out the clarity or cloudiness of the trics, even with a 40x loupe. I' don't know if Autoberry trics turn amber, but I'm not waiting that long. I want these buds to be smokable, in case any of the family comes to Gramma's house for goodies.

If not, and they've been in storage too long, they'll get ground up for edibles. Even the really old stuff is potent enough for meds and edibles.

Thoughts from anyone who has grown Autoberry?
I'm saddened by your decision to stop growing cannabis, but definitely understand your reasoning. You (and your posts) will be missed.

In case I forget when you wrap things up with this journal: Thank you for the posts, conversations, and everything else!
I'm saddened by your decision to stop growing cannabis, but definitely understand your reasoning. You (and your posts) will be missed.

In case I forget when you wrap things up with this journal: Thank you for the posts, conversations, and everything else!

I so appreciate all the advice you've given me since I first started posting. At that time I had a lot of positive feedback, and family to grow for. It's no longer fun when there's no one to share the bounty with. They have moved on to other ventures, and much prefer the perfection of store-bought buds, that they GRIND UP to fit into their pipes. Oh, and let's not forget the fancy names for buds with the same ancestry as mine (minus the diesel).

I can't keep up with the folks that have whole basements, sheds, or yards to grow monster crops, or the $ for the high-powered lights and the electricity to run them. My needs can be met with what I already have stored.

I might yet grow out some of the Harley seeds, just for me, if I feel up to it. Nothing fancy, no special methods, just basic indoor gardening. :)

We'll just have to wait and see.
Meanwhile..... I was looking back to 2017, when I last grew the Autoberry and got a really good harvest for a small grow like mine. This grow is nowheres near that, and it's about the same level of maturity that I harvested last time.

So my estimate is pretty close. Next weekend for sure, the ladies on the right will come down. They're starting to smell pretty good now.
:hmmmm:I wouldn't think you need to keep up with anybody gramma, Sorry to hear there is no one to share with, being alone can be so difficult. I'm not the most talkative or much of a writer but I am here if you would like company.:meditate:
TS if you are still around I don't know if it's a compliment or not but I have a chicken named after you. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
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