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Hello 420 members! I am living in South central Alaska near Anchorage and originally from Missouri. The travelling nature of my job has taken me all over the world and landed me in this beautiful state. I came upon this site while searching for updates to Alaska's MMJ legislation, looks like a nice mature place. I am a member of other sites but have grown tired of the teen (no offense kids) banter and desire a more mature crowd....at least mentally mature.
I moved here from Fairbanks and had a rough time meeting the 420 crowd due to my age and my job as a travelling Software Analyst. I decided to grow my own since this state has some pretty liberal laws toward growing and possesion I am a rookie but currently growing Low Rider #2 using the Aerogarden veggie pro due to its 3 ft lamp height and just started a soil grow with bag seed. I have plans for an outdoor grow as soon as the night temps climb some.
I originally smoked for recreation but have found MJ much more effective than Paxil for my PTSD and anxiety. I suffer from a permanent eye condition and damaged knees due to prior US Military service. MJ does help the knee pain but I have never been on a script for it. So yeah I use it as "self" medication if you will. I also just like to get high sometimes, its better than a beer after a hard day IMO.

Enough about me, any Alaskan's/Aerogarden/Lowrider 2 fans in the house?



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Hello Taurus907 Nice have you here, :welcome: aboard.
"its better than a beer after a hard day" One Hundred percent agree with you my Friend.

First... Thank you for your time protecting and Serving this Country in the U.S Military. :31:

You will find 420 is a drama free zone, Positive Vibe throughout this Wonderful Community.
That on account that 420 has the very best Mods. :smokin:
Just Great people gathering who help each other get the very most from this Special Plant.
Auto Flowering Plants are really catching on in popularity.
Quick, effective way to get good home grown Meds.
You may be the first I see using that 'Aerogarden veggie Pro', I did search the Net for a Picture and info, Seems a Cool Way to grow a Plant.
What do you use for lighting Schedule? 20/4 Seem to be most Common in AF strains.
No, you are not the only Alaskan here.
Cannabis is a Safe Alternative and people here Know this is so very true.
Thanks for joining 420 Helping us Spread Cannabis Awareness.
Please stick around and Get to know us all.
If you need any assistance getting around, Please ask.
See you in the forums. :peace:


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Thanks for the kind words Weed! The AG Veggie Pro has an adjustable light schedule and a 24/7 option. To help simplify the guess work I just bought a light timer and set it to 18/6 as recommended by the breeder for max yield. I did sucessfully grow bag seed in the AG once before so this is actually grow #2 in the AG. The Autoflowering LR2 in the AG seems to be a good way to grow small plants and maintain a manageable amount of MJ. I will give you a potency report in about 4 weeks.

Info on the Aerogarden setup to those interested:
5x3x2 small indoor greenhouse
Aerogarden Veggie Pro
Master Gardner kit (blank seed pods)
Additional airpump, gangvalve, 2 airstones
PS2 cord plugged into AG lights
Light timer for AG lights (PS2 cord)
2 supplemental 43w 2700k cfl's for flowering
Clip on fan
Small humidifier
Hannah Ph and temp meter
General Hydroponics Micro Grow Bloom Nutes
RO water

*phew* I guess I should start a grow journal


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I like your idea. It is very manageable.
You are on to something. :popcorn:
The AF strain seem almost a Perfect mix for your set-up. :thumb:
Excellent, Keep us up-to-date.
Again, Happy your here. :yahoo:


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Yes sir, beats alcohol all to hell! :439:
:welcome: to the 420Magazine forums. :welcome:
Lotsa info to absorb, so take your time. :nomo:
I'll see you in the forums.

Thanks CocoJoe, over the years I have become very familiar with the search function You guys have some great articles on the healing properties of MJ!


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Welcome Taurus907, I used to live on the Kenai penninsula for a couple of years. Beautiful state. I will be looking out for your grow on the forums.
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