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Alcohol extraction: Strain characteristics maintained?


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generally speaking, will an afghani strain extraction produce similar results as smoking?
such as sleepiness.

I am wondering of a person can notice the difference between sativa/indica extractions for effect. Or does just he THC come out ?

does the alcohol also extract the CBD, terpenes etc?

I want to make a daytime sativa and nighttime indica extraction(for sleep), Wondering if the strain characteristics will be maintained.

thanks All


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I only do edible oil extractions, not alcohol. This retains the characteristics of what is being used.

Ive never seen a comment that alcohol extractions behave differently.


Plus 1 alcohol will maintain all. Usally use my ABV. just made pure Jack 47 because i love the giggles it gives us. typically i just mix all my vapings but separated this time to be sure to replicate & it is identical.

I had read someone suggested as a practice so was relatively sure it would work. It's only logical you are extricating the same thing that would provide effect when smoking etc.
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