Algae on Rockwool. Help!


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I am growing hydro: Anybody ever seen algae growing on rockwool cubes? How does one go about rectifying that situation? Is there some kind of algaecide that won't harm the plants? It seems to be growing only on the top surface but it is starting to get me worried. There is no algie in my resevior. Just the top surface of the rockwool. None on the plants. YET. Its not mold.(well, if it is its green mold)

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
Re: Algea on Rockwool. HELP !

Never mind. I found my answer in the Growers Bible.

Just in case someone out there runs across the same problem. Jorge Cervantes says, ' rockwool can grow algae due to being damp and lit with high intensity light. Cover the top of the cube to block light and / or use an algaecide in the solution or when watering"

Here are my reference books:All highly suggested.



Re: Algea on Rockwool. HELP !

So I find out..............the hard way. No matter. I got it handled.
Re: Algea on Rockwool. HELP!

Great website, I love the fact that being a NEWBEE and as problems arise during my first and now second grow and now first attempt to create some MOTHER plants, I can enter in Algae on Rockwool, (My current problem) and there is the answer. The funny darn thing is, that during all my research, the little Details to cover the Rock wool with either a light blocking lid or ad 1/2 " info coco to block sun from hitting the moist top area that is what breed the growth. I am starting my second journal and a separate journal called The Life of a Cannabis Mother, and plan to include ever small detail, so beginners can get it right the first time. As a side note. my first grow id of an unknown strain and in their 8 week of flowering...I clipped a lower tiny bud and micro wave tried it at 40% power 1 minute then three minute rest..Did that 6 times and slowly dried, the Trichomes where still clear/ milky and imperfect shape after MW...Well *UCK I got stoned last night. Total head and body lock down hi. Had a very soft no harsh taste even without the flush of the medium. So I am really happy to have saved the strain and have five strong mothers to extend the life.
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