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Algea-I'm gonna lose my mind!


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Hi all,
Well I'm off to a good start in my medical growing. Can clone like a pro now:3:. But... algea is driving me up the wall.... I clean every thing. New hoses and stones. Cut out covers from the panda film I have to cover the base of the plants in the baskets. I've used hydrogenperocside(sic) off the self 3 %. Is there some thing off the self I could use that safe? I looked at the fish stuff and says its safe for plants and fish. The algea is brown and covers the roots. I cut the bad stuff off once and keep changing out the water ( after a couple of days will start to turn milky ) and rinsing the roots. I understand light causese the problems also. I'm thinking of eather getting the krylon plastic black paint and paint the inside of the buckets and lids or getting black buckets. I'm trying keep every thing reflective in the grow and not have any thing absorbe light.



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That sounds like root rot to me, not algae. you have to make it so that there's NO light whatsoever able to contact the roots. Do a search on root rot and see what it says.
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Hi Dank and HHW,
The water temp is pretty stable around 65-75 deg. The roots have this brown pulpy stuff coming thru the basket slats and down the roots. It also feels slimy. I had the green algea and it was no problem, wipe out the lip of the bucket and poured some H202 03% and It's gone. The plants are getting loads of air. I'm set up for six max and when there space I use the other air output from the pump to drop another airline with stone into the bucket.

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To get rid of this you have to remove all of the slime and rotted areas or it will just come back over and over again. Overwatering, ph, lack of aireation and or high water temps normally causes this condition with hydro. Hydrogen peroxide solutions do help but remember that it burns the outer membrane and more delicate roots.
DWC or drip?
DWC you might wanna lower your water in the resevoir, might be getting to much back splash.
Drip, reduce the watering times and water less than 4 times a day. I prefer three.
Hygrozyme is a great booster enzyme that helps prevent this problem.

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Yeah, it really makes growing easy. Less water damage. Healthy strong roots.
I gotta tell ya, there was a time when I was trying this booster and that booster like Dark Energy and Liquid Karma. All that expensive shit. So I finally tried Hygrozyme and had my best yeild. I thought I was the shiznit. Thought I would save a buck and stop using it and wow, what a difference. I could not get the numbers back up for 3 more grows then I decided to use it again.
But damn is the shit made of gold? Over $400 for a 2.5 gallon.:laugh2:


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Algae grows cuz the light is hitting water and nutrients, thats why you never use a clear tube in hydro. Keep light a way from roots and your nutrients solution. For root rot, i think superthrive works really good and its not expensive, doesn't smell very pleasant.


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Well Here's the update. I bought a nutriant kit that contained floro grow, bloom, florolishus(sic). And a packet of micro nuts. After doing some extesive research on the net confermed Danks info. Yup, hit it right on the head - Pythium "root rot". The roots wher very pulpy and looads of goop on them and coming out of the baskets. I found the packet of micro nutes that was included ( figured I wouldn't need them, right). Mixed in to micro nutes as directed and BANG!!! Three days later the shits gone and new white healthy roots coming out. Will dump the water and replaced with new water and micro nutes. Here's some more info to kick around;

Trichoderm- Use to prevent future infection of young plants.

Enzmatic products - best listed in order;
1. Sensizym (seem to be cost effective)
2. Hygrozyme more expensive than number one.
3. Cannzyme ( I haven't check this one out yet).

Lst Ditch attempt to save plants;

Pythoff or Microbial - will kill all good bacteria.

Thanks all;

P.S. How come the reply colume is coming out in a small verical colum. Very hard to write and read???
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