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Alien Hydroponic EasyFeed System


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Hey everyone ive been gone for a while. I needed a break from growing and talking about growing because i have had a lot going on in my life and my head was burning out.

Those of you that have followed me iver the years and read my journals know im passionate about what i do and i enjoy helping others and sharing my experiences. But i was being distracted from other things in my life and i just couldnt give the forum the time.

Im floating around again now. I was going to start another journal but im not sure its worth doing because it would only be another small 16-24 plant coco grow and ive done several of those types journals. I might just start a journal and throw in bits from different smaller grows as I feel uncomfortable showing anything too large. I dont know, see what happens in the coming weeks.

Hope every one is well.....


Nice to see you back cult hope all is good! I have been a soil grower for a few years now getting just above average results. So when i seen your alien system I thought I would give coco a bash using your nute schedule. Your schedule for flowering is simple enough to follow but I was struggling with the veg cycle. And as I'm not confident with coco wasent sure what I was really doing. I had 4 in coco and one in soil for a little experiment and the soil was way ahead of the coco I'm not sure if this is normal in first 3 weeks or I mis understood your veg nute schedule. If you have the time I would apriciate if you could help out with your veg nute cycle you had posted earlier on in this thread. Thanks mate any help appreciated.


Member of the Month: Jan 2013 - Plant of the Month: Nov 2016, May 2018 - Nug of the Month: Mar 2018 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Oct 2016
This mobile app is fucking awful. Ive just written a massive response and was deleted when i tried to post. I cant see any pictures or like any posts. Very frustrating, i remember having same problem 9months ago so i guess the bugs havent been worked out. I prefer using desktop mode but that wont work either. Really really annoying....

Stupot89. I need to know what you done in veg before i can give you the correct advice. This is just so i know how your space is set up and so i can understand how you approached coco. Soil should never be faster that coco in a like for like situation. Once you understand the basic do's and donts its a breeze. If you can tell me if it was clone or seed, what feeds schedule you done from day 1 and under what light source. Other details are helpful such as what the RH and room temps were.


Member of the Month: Jan 2013 - Plant of the Month: Nov 2016, May 2018 - Nug of the Month: Mar 2018 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Oct 2016


Ita was from seed mate.
Ph was 5.8/6
I just used what you stated like if you said 1ml pl I used that. Then I used ph down to bring it down to ph.
Do you need individual doses of each nute?

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Hope all is well in your world.

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@Cultivator Hi guys how is the alien easyfeed system doing was thinking about between purchasing this vs the autopots. Background the only nutes available here is GH MAXI GH Trio and dyna grow was thinking of using maxigrow and maxibloom or just he maxibloom lucas formula. Plus silica, hydroguard, molasses (i don't know if this works with coco), Kooldbloom liquid plus koolbloom wet. Drip clean isn't available here. Is there anything missing in my feeding schedul;e and will this work with the system. Tryiing to find the most optimal cheap ingredients in my area. Any advice would be appreciated.

Its coco. All but 2 are pretty much straight coco (forgot to keep a bag with name of manufacturer), topped off the all the easyfeed bags with a small amount of foxfarm coco blend (coco blended with vermiculite and some great white type additives).

I have 2 that are straight FF and aren't doing well at all, they seem to have a drying issue, wet and heavy even after 3 days.

So if I were to feed daily, then I would really have to chop the amount as the bags are still wet and heavy after a "full tray" feeding for at least 2 days.... (started at 64 ounces every 2 days then went to 120 ounces every 3 days) now at a full gallon.

I have to admit I was a bit freaked about going till day 4.5 to feed but I had no choice as I was gone for the day 3 feed (normal time), but the leaves didn't have a bit of droop, (like I expected) and they sucked up a gallon each (in about 2 hours for full uptake of full tray of water). I swear they grew 6 inches today alone. (now starting to worry about head room).

I am assuming that as they get bigger they will take more feed and was anticipating shortening the interval, but the dry time seems to drive the feed time correct?

The other thing that keeps going through my head is that even if I have fantastic plant results, that means nothing without quality and yield.

This is all so interesting and engaging, (cant wait to say hi to my girls every morning ) just don't want to kill them off :thumb:

Thanks for your help.


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I would probably avoid both systems. The autopots are terrible in my opinion and the alien system is ok but a flood and drain system would be better. The say feed is fiddly and plants can end up sitting in stale nutrient solution and I just don't like it. Drippers are way better or flood and drain. Nutes should be fine. You wouldn't need drip clean on easy feed system as there are no small lines.
I know this is old...But this is a fantastic wealth of information and I am so impressed I can't find words, really.

I'm doing coco with LED's and having (surprise) CA Mag issues. Only my second indoor grow, and I'm looking at getting an HPS light as I believe that will make the difference for me. I only have a 4 foot x 4 foot tent, and think a 1000 watt will be too much. Would 600 watt do for that?

Coco and 30% perlite, using AN PH perfect nutes and GH Cal Mag.

I'm only 9 pages in and have 6 pages of notes. Fantastic stuff here. Thank you!


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Hey cult, quick question since u know the biz in coco! Watching youtube and seen a guy talking about cico. He said u can re use coco and everytimu use it it gets better cause its charged his wirfs. And while he was saying all this he only hadgrofan cubes he was using. So is it true or false about re using coco af does it make it better wverytime u re ise it. Thanks n hope u have fun at spannabis wish I could b there but thats a long rife cross a very large ocean!! M stateside!!
hey mate, i'm trying to find some informations how to reuse a coco right way. i know you can flush it with Cannazym but i don't know how exactly to do it. have you been reusing?
That Excellurator is gonna kill me on nutes. Saw $111 for a small bottle on ebay. Any chance that just using the voodoo juice will suffice? Maybe something a rather novice grower can work up to?

Also, ditto on the reusing coir.
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