All Day I Stay High - Lord Knows I Try


Some memories from my first grow

Hey everyone,

Just an update:

-really thinking about getting the Oxycloner-20 count I have heard both good and bad reviews, but think it would be a perfect system for my space.

Strawberry blue- 6 days into flower. A strong odor is starting to escape when I open the tent.
-I am thinking about hanging the Mars-Hydro I ordered in the flower tent with the LED I have now.
- humidity during lights off, seems a little high
-going to give nutes a try(maybe 1/3 dose to start her off)

-Veg Box-
Lemon Kush- I am keeping her in veg for another week or so.
(3) strawberry blue clones- two look healthy, while the third is a week younger but seems to be doing ok.
Durban poison- had some heat issues(leaf tips curling) hope the relocation helps. I have maybe 10 Unknown DP seeds.

-Deck grow-
Durban poison
- just wanted to see how a seed will grow outdoors :p
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