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Allegan Township Seeks Input on Proposed Marijuana Ordinance

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Allegan, MI.--The Allegan Township board has planned a public hearing for Monday, June 13, at 7:30 p.m. regarding its proposed medical marijuana ordinance.

The ordinance proposes to regulate the growing of medical marijuana as a home occupation, township planning commission chair Terry Skoglund said.

Unlike similar ordinances in local cities, including the City of Allegan, the ordinance will require that caregivers deliver medical marijuana to patients, he said.

Other ordinances allow patients to come to the home of a caregiver to receive medical marijuana.

This change was made for safety reasons, he said, noting that extra cars parked frequently in driveways could create potential risks.

In spite of this difference, Skoglund said that the ordinance's "scope and intent" are similar to the ordinance in the City of Allegan.

"We want to comply with the state law and not be resistant to legitimate use by patients and caregivers," he said.

Like the city's ordinance, the township's ordinance, if passed, would require that there be no evidence of a home occupation outside the home, that a home occupation not be located in a drug-free school zone and prohibit the establishment of medical marijuana collectives.

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