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Allergy - help appreciated


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I have been thinking, if i have an allergy to pine tree fruit can i have an allergy to the Pinene terpene?
I already smoked a lot of marijuana strains and no problems yet! The shi* is i dont even know what is like a piney smell bud, i cant tell it...

I just want to make this one clear , i want to smoke all strains with no problems and paranoias :17:

Richard Richardson

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Re: Allergy,help appreciated.


Have you ever had a problem with eucalyptus oil?

For centuries, people stripped the bark and punctured the trunks of pine trees in order to collect drops of resin. The substance was distilled with water and called turpentine. The resin is rich in alpha and beta pinenes and was used in a distilled version for a host of home remedies.

Oil from the eucalyptus tree contains alpha-pinene, and cultures from around the world have used and continue to use the oil and leaves of this well known tree in teas, tinctures, and topical formulations. Modern formulations of mouthwashes, cold and chest ointments, and cough lozenges commonly contain eucalyptus oil.

What Are the Medical Uses of Alpha-Pinene?

If not, I don't think you have an allergy against terpines.

Terpenes and Terpenoids in CANNABIS - Info



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Re: Allergy,help appreciated.

I really like eucalyptus smell,so fresh! No man, im not allergic to that :) i wash my teeth with an Eucalyptys mouthwasher :;):

I think im being paranoid because im only allergic to pine nuts when i eat them , i can touch and smell them with no problem.
I dont have an alllergy to the rest of the tree, i like camping and i dont have one single problem of being surrounded by pine trees.
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