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Allrighty gettin ready


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I'm getting ready to start my garden. I have a few seeds that I'm gonna start soon and am gonna get some starts also. I was wondering how I could start outside even with the danger of frost. I was thinking maybe get like a 3 liter bottle and make a mini greenhouse until the time rolls around. I'm not sure. This is my first year growing and could use any tips or links. I've been researching for over a year now and am finally gonna give it a try. Thanks.


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It would probably be better to wait until the danger of frost has past. better to wait until the right time, then put em out too early and waste your seeds.


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Well you'll know the ground is ready when the forsythia bushes(look it up) start to bloom. That means the ground temp has reached 50-55 degrees. But that isn't when you should go outside, but it's a good time to start some sprouts. If you are just aching to go, cut the bottom out of some one gallon milk jugs and use those for a mini greenhouse. they work great! you just might hold off the frost. Otherwise just follow what the local vegi farmers are doing and plant when they do.
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