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Almost $6.5M in Marijuana Seized On Ohio Turnpike

Jim Finnel

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A man and woman from Ontario were caught transporting BC Bud, one of the most expensive and potent types of marijuana, across the Ohio Turnpike, an Ohio Highway Patrol spokesman said.

Ming-Hong Ma, 26, of Scarborough and Anh My Lu, 25, of Markham were each charged with trafficking in marijuana and possession of marijuana. They were being held in the Lucas County jail in lieu of $500,000 bonds after arraignment yesterday in Maumee Municipal Court.

Nearly $6.5 million worth of BC Bud marijuana was found about 2:25 p.m. Thursday in a rented minivan being driven by Mr. Ma after he was stopped for speed and marked-lanes violations while westbound on the turnpike, about three miles west of the Toledo Express Airport interchange in Swanton Township, the patrol said.

A drug dog alerted troopers to the contents of the van.

When troopers searched the vehicle, they found 142 pounds of marijuana in large cardboard boxes. The marijuana was separated in large plastic bags inside trash bags placed in the boxes.

Patrol spokesman Lt. Tony Bradshaw said it's a large bust, but what makes it more interesting is the caliber of the drug.

BC Bud marijuana is cultivated in British Columbia and is one of the most potent strains of cannabis, the lieutenant said.

"It's sort of like a high-end car; that's what makes it so expensive," he said.

Last year, the patrol seized more than 11,000 pounds of illegal drugs valued at just under $55 million.

And through April, more than 2,600 pounds of drugs worth $29.9 million have been seized in the state.

Lieutenant Bradshaw said Ohio is a unique state with numerous highways that connect north and south and east and west, making it a popular area for drug transportation.

"Drugs travel through our state daily," he said. "We just skim the surface of it."

Maumee Prosecutor John Arnsby said officials see people accused of trafficking all types of drugs in various quantities.

"We've had so many of them over the years," he said.

Many are arraigned in Maumee Municipal Court and then are moved to Lucas County Common Pleas Court after either a pretrial there or through a grand jury indictment, Mr. Arnsby said.

Mr. Ma and Ms. Lu will appear in Maumee Municipal Court again Tuesday to obtain legal representation, Mr. Arnsby said.

If convicted, they face up to 16 years in prison and a fine of up to $30,000, according to the highway patrol.

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The value that was placed upon this bust at $6.5M for 142 Pounds = $45,774.64 per pound value: That is absurd, that is a false value placed on the marijuana value:
The United States of America, Canada, and Mexico should consider their Drug Policies of each others countries, individually and collectively. First to abolish all prohibition of Cannabis products. To create a Taxable and Regulated industry, that can and benefit rather than drain Billions of dollars from the nations economies.

Just for economics of the situation: Food for thought: a realistic approach to the value placed in the above mentioned seizure
$6.5 Million Value of Marijuana or at $4,000 / lb. value would = 1625 pounds .

Actual:142 pounds @ $4,000.00 / lb Wholesale = $568,000.00 Value Not $6.5Million
If the marijuana had a import tax value crossing the Canadian border into the USA at 25% then a $1000.00 per pound tax would generate $142,000.00 of Tax Revenue for the United States. Based on the number of pounds seized as provided in this article.

If each person were to be convicted and sentenced to 16 years in a United States Federal prison: The estimated costs to house each Federal Prisoner is approximately $52,000 per year x 16 Years (with no increase of this costs over 16 years) = $832,000.00 x 2 persons = $1,664.000.00:
The United States government would rather spend $1,664,000.00 of taxpayers money, than collect
$142,000.00 in Tax Revenue, that will benefit Local, State and Federal Tax Base systems of the United States economy. That is not a good way to run a business: no wonder the USA is so far in debt.

The urgency to effectively create a Regulated and Taxable base system for all Cannabis that is grown and or crossing the borders in to or out of the USA should be forthecoming. Since there are so many varieties of cannabis, a research and study of what & how to tax cannabis may depend on if the cannabis is grown for, Bio fuels medical reasons, recreational purposes, paper industry,rope, clothing, food products, (Hemp Butter) a pound of Hemp butter retails for $12.99 ,a pound of Cashew butter retails for $8.99 per pound. a pound of Sweet Cream Butter is $4.25. just some food for thought:
The United States of Canexico

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It is definitely time for a change.
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