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Aloha from Hawaii


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Whats up everyone, I am an outdoor medical grower from Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. I grow medically for myself as well as another patient. I also find growing these plants as an amazing hobby. Watvhing the plant grow from seed to actually smoking it is an awesoms procsss. I have been growing for about a year and would greatly appreciate any tips or advice you all would have.

-Recomended strains?
-Any suggestions?

Mahalo (Thank you),


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Hi klawHI. Welcome to :420:

There are several growers here from HI. They might be an excellent resource regarding what grows best on your island. The 3 names that immediately come to mind are: OldMedMan (or was it OldManMed? He is OMM either way haha), THSea, and Cronichempdog. They are on the same island (not sure which one) and occasionally help each other out.
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