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aloha from orlando


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hello 420 magazine and fellow smokers. im scott from orlando. i fell upon this site a couple of days ago and it looks chill as hell!! i hope to learn what i can to start a personal grow op in my closet.. i figure it will be easier on the wallet in the long run lol but i am a everyday smoker and just enjoy the herb and the people i meet because of it. anyways.. has anyone ever used a server rack/cabinet to make a grow cabinet??? it allready has exhaust fans built in and seems you could use them.. but i am a complete newb and will need to do my research and feedback from you guys.. thanks

oO and heres a pic of one of those server cabinets.. i know a place where i can get them on the low if is the reason i was asking about them

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Hi smokindime bloody hell a grow cab server rack i very much doubt thats been done before partly because they cost a lot. how much air can the built in exhaust system pull? im sure it could be adapted in to a grow cab and it would look crazy! i would love to see it happen.

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Welcome to 420 SmokinDime, glad to have you with us. A server rack would make a nice grow cabinent for sure. As you pointed out, they are pre-ventilated and easily modified. A great idea!!! Can't wait to see it up and running. Explore the site, learn post and share. Don't hesitate to call if you need any help.


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thanks for the welcome guys!! i hope to learn a lot here! and as soon as funds are available i would like to start my cabinet
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