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Already mixing supersoil need help


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Hello,I throw my chemicals out of window and trying mix organic soil , I mixed 70 litre of black peat with 60 litre of worm castings and 10 litre cocopeat , going to buy chicken manure tomorrow this is what I wanna to buy :

Top-selling organic fertilizer with an optimum price/quality ratio made from 1% poultry manure

just wonder how much of this manure is need to add to mix i mentioned (cup/tsp/gallon)

after add manure I will add high N and High P bat guano, kelp meal , epsom salt, humic acid
( just wonder how much need )

after mixing and cooking soil for 2 month I send my soil to lab and check its ph and add lime to buffer ph to 6.88

How do you think ?:lot-o-toke:

Fuzzy Duck

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Mmm tough question had a look at the PDF charts from the link.

The dosage rate is related to Kg/ kilos & Ha/hectares depending on what crop, so working out how much for 140 liter volume of compost is a tad tricky ?

I haven't quite got my maths head on at the mo :3:

But may suggest working out total volume and spread of compost used at 1 inch deep & divide by hectare size to Kg of manure used to what ever crop, to get a dosage or grams per m2 as an example.


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What is the suggested ratio of this stuffs when they mix all together : per gallon liter any recommend is useful :adore:

base Mix is : 50% peat , 40% worm castings and 10% coco AND Adding 10kg poultry manure for 140 liter of base mix

And just confused how much use these stuffs :

1) high P bat : for phosphor source
2)Epsom salt : for magnesium source
3) Lime : for Ph and cal source
4)blood meal : N source
5)bone meal : P and cal source
6)Azomite : trace elements
7)Kelp meal : source of K and etc
8) Humic acid
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