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alternating nodes since sprout


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My girlfriend and I have both planted some seeds we found in our bud but her plant has something different about it.
its had alternating nodes since its 4th node and its first 2 nodes were both single pointed true leaves.

Is this just her plant being the unique seed in the mix or can different environments trigger this kind of growth?
2 months old
Soil mix
2 cfls, they look like 23watt 2700
24 hour light
10-5-10 fert liquid fert
plants look a little stretched but healthy.

Sorry I know we all love our pictures but i dont have any, also the question im asking doesnt really require pictures. Thanks!


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usually plants will not start alternating nodes till later on in veg. Could just be the genetics of the strain as to why it is so early. Alot of folks believe that when a plant goes to alternating nodes that it is ready to be or can be flowered. Doesnt nessiceraly mean you have to flower just that you can flower it. It is completely normal so you shouldn't worry about it.

Here is a pic i snapped tonight and you can see it is alternating nodes
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