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alternative flushing method


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i learnt a way to "flush plants" that lets you give nutes up until harvest.. i have tried this already many times, infact ive very rarely used just water in the last 2 weeks before harvest..

get a bucket with some distilled water inside, and when ts time to harvest, pull up the plant, shake of the soil, an then places the roots into the distilled water, after 48 hours, all the nutes are in the water, and not in the plant anymore-- this is quicker, but it costs a bit for the water..

anyone know of this already?


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This sounds kind of counter intuitive given what people say to do, since soaking roots in water in fact hydrates the plant. Most people seem to advise letting it dry out a little at the end, which is why they flush the plants at the end, so the last few days, they can let it dry a little pre harvest.


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The main reason of flushing is to get the nutes out of the medium, so the plant drinks almost pure water. After a few days to a week of drinking pure water, the plant isn't full of nutes, which makes for a smoother smoke.

So yes, this quick method works. Let the plant dry out, then pull it out of the pot, rattle around well, trying to remove as much dirt as possible, then let it soak in water, doesn't have to be distilled. Rattle it around here and there to get more dirt off. Once most of the dirt is removed, then put it in a new bucket of water. Let it drink from that for a few days, which will remove many of the nutes from the plant, giving it a smooth smoke.

In hydro, you only need to replace res with water.


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Given what my face to face teacher, and what I've been reading from several books, that's counter to what you ought to be doing. The reason got this is because you're literally pumping nutes in till the last second, then uprooting and washing the roots off, then soaking the whole thing in water for 48 hours.

Now, does it flush the nutes? Given what I already know, and what I've been learning, you want to flush the nutes out for a smoother smoke. BUT, you do NOT want to allow it to soak in water right before harvest, since while you're flushing those nutes, you're also just dumping tons and tons and tons and tons of water all through the plant. Sure, you get to use nutes right up till your pre harvest soaking, but, you also wind up wasting all those nutes, since you're literally allowing your ferts to sit in the medium till the last possible moment.

Granted, this isn't a worry with hydro. But, with dirt? You'reliterally sitting there wasting all those nutes, and really just whizzing your cash out the window.
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