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Alternative to tobacco when rolling a spliff?


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As the title suggests, what, if anything do you use to cut your cannabis with when rolling a spliff?

At the moment I'm using an organic tobacco, which costs a fortune, but at the end of the day is still better than the chemically treated commercial alternatives available.

I noticed in my local hydro store the other day a product basically labelled as a 'herbal smoking' alternative, designed to help people stop smoking cigarettes. It reminded me of the marshmallow root you see used in synthetic applications.

So, help me out here. What can I use to roll my spliff with that won't fill me full of nicotine?

Please don't tell me about how you roll comedic-sized joints using nothing but flower and chain smoke all day. I'm not you and only a year into this game. Let's keep this constructive and maybe it will help others in the same boat.

The goal here is a smooth spliff, without the tobacco.



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It wasn't really the response I was after, but thank you. I'm finding cannabis alone a little too harsh in a joint, so I mix it. I want an alternative to tobacco because it is poisonous.


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Wild daglama, skull cap, wild lettuce, blue lotus, dagama, wizards smoke blend(no tobacco), catnip, kava kava, rabbit tobacco and a multitude of other things that are safe and will add to your buzz. Happy looking


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Well what i do if a certain MJ is harsh i just pack it into a ciggarrete machine (No Tabacco) and use a blank ciggarette tube and fill it up using the machine, makes a 0.5 to 0.7 (depends how dense the bud is) and smoke it like a ciggarette of course taking more puffs then a ciggarette.

But if i roll my own i just use cannabis nothing else.


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Some places it's just the culture to roll tobacco into their joints. I've never been able to figure out why. They do it in eastern Canada a lot, and also parts of Europe. Nobody's really been able to explain why other than that their friends do it- or that they like the dizzy effect, or that it 'makes the weed stretch further' (???).
Anyway- not sure what you're looking for as a replacement since you didn't say why you're adding it in the first place. * edit- oh I see you say it's too harsh(?). You just need weed that's grown and cured better then.
There's just no substitute for tobacco in the satisfying nicotine supply dept. If you're looking to add 'smokable bulk' you can add any of the common herbal tobacco substitutes. A bunch already listed by bullettooth and there are many more.
My two favourite non-tobacco herbs to smoke are kinnikinnick and Labrador tea. Kinnikinnick (shit -you're making me spell it a second time ;) ) is hard to grind and roll but has a nice flavour. For that matter Labrador is also pretty flaky. But they're nice to smoke. Old tomato leaves dried on the vine are nice but possibly toxic.


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Wow, thanks for the great replies everybody. This has given me a list of things to research now. I do agree with you Weasel when you say I just need bud that's been grown and cured better. I'm in the process of learning the growing aspect from start to finish, and one day my weed shall be as smooth as yours!
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