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Am I doing this right? Need Critics


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Okay so I feel like my plants aren't growing as fast as they should. I planted them 8 days ago, and just wanted some opinions on my setup etc. This is my first grown by the way so I'm all ears.

I do not know the exact specs of my grow space but it is just a slide closet. But it has plenty of room in it
I'm running a 400w MH bulb for veg stage and plan to switch to HPS for flowering. Id say it's probably about 20" away from plant tops.
My temps as seen in the picture range from 73-84 with 84 being during the hottest point of the day outside and the 74 being around the coldest, them temperature where I live varies a lot.
I have 5 plants in 3 1/2 gallon pots.
I used a 25% Perlite 75% Ocean Forest soil mix.
I have the Jungle Juice 3 Part Nutrients.

So my questions are,
1. Should I be watering enough to make the whole soil moist?
2. When would be a good time to use nutes and how much to give plants at a time?
3.Is my light to far/close to plants?
4. Are there some things I'm doing right/wrong just let me know.



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Here are some pictures.


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those look like they should,little baby weed plants

I am not a fan of bare bulbs,I had one explode/break, wasted my plants.with hooded lights,you can bring them closer to the plants

if possible,I would use a lower wattage light,t-5--cfl so you can bring the lights down and stop them from getting "leggy",also saves some power
after about 3 weeks I move them into m/h,then into hps for flower
also (again MY preference) I start them off in solo cups,and transplant as the roots get bigger/stronger

What is that on the floor??carpet?? if so get that out of there,way to easy for bugs to hide

Fuzzy Duck

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Looks pretty good to me :high-five:

I use a 125w giant cfl 6400 kelvin (blue spectrum) & not looked back since i started growing my own med's... at only half the power of suitable MH bulb for that area.

For seed germination to vegging for a few months in a small space of 60cm by 60 cm, ye can be tight for space at times but depends on what i'm doing or grow style ?

Some pic's :peace:



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nice looky setup fuzzy duck,nice and low,beautiful plants.


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They look like they should for their age. I normaly water a little at a time til it runs out the bottom then I'll wait till it is comletely dry before I water again, I Don't give nutes til they are about( maybe a litte bigger) the size of the plants in fuzzy ducks bottom pic. I'll start with 1/4 strenth nutes the first feeding, 1/2 strength next then move on to full strength and adjust as needed.
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