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Am I mixing nutes correctly?


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Just want to know if im creating any sort of lock outs,
5 gallon dwc bucket.
First i add my nutrient part A to my res, add about a quater of the bucket with water then mix.
Then i add cal/mag then add another quater of water and mix,
Then lastly i add part B then fill the rest of the bucket with water and mix.


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Re: Am i mxing nutes correctly?

Yep I would say your good. With my self, using advanced nutes, I have to mix my micro first, the grow, then bloom. As per manufactures instructions. Or I will have a lock out.


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Im currently using Floraduo. I love it its perfect for the beginner its just two bottles, real simple. All you do is add part A during veg and B during bloom. Well you add both of them but more A then B during veg and more B then A during bloom. Pretty cheap stuff too i got a set for 25 bucks.
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