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Am I the only person to do this or is this well known in the MMJ world?

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I have 6 grows under my belt so still a newbie, but on to my point - before initialising flowering, I give my ladies 36-72 hrs of complete darkness, then when I switch to 12/12, after 2-3 days I have clusters of new pistils shooting everywhere, then I will do the same again in the middle of the flowering period, then again at the end, I end up with about 25% more yield with this old trick I learned from an old timer. Hope this helps you get higher for longer. This seems to help everything from turpens to yield to speed of growth IMO it is very little hassle for a whole lot of gain.
Who dares:) It is a problem. If someone is to stand up to this. Should know more. What to plant. What is System. Aero system roots dangling in the air, so the water will keep the work around all the time. I do not know whether the aquaculture in the pump turn off the dark for? I'm interested in.
I have never done such a thing on purpose, especially not mid flower. When we had 3 days of no power during Irene, I wound up with a few hermies. However, I did feel they were a bit more potent. That said, any seeded plant will be stronger, as more THC is produced in fertilized buds. The plant produces more to protect the growing seeds. I have tried giving the girls 3 days of dark before the chop. I have never noticed a difference.


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Hard to execute if you have a perpetual grow setup.
Clone box, Veg Room, Flower Room........hmmm..........which one do I turn off for two or three days, goddamit now i need a dark room also :17:
Interesting all the same.


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I used to apply 36 hours dark before flip but it doesn't increase yield. It makes bush stretch a bit and speeds up the start of flower by a couple of days. I wouldn't mess with light cycle mid flower unless u want a room full of seed from herms especially if using fem seed.
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Just to clear up a couple of things, I'm growing in bio-bizz allmix, and all bio-bizz nutes, under 600 watt MH in veg then 600 watt HPS in bloom, another great piece of equipment are the airpotz that I am using, talk about bombastic buds, I am actually feeling confident enough to try some mainlining experimenting, thanks for checking out this thread and keep it real, share, help, and of course sending you all the positive energy in the world. P.S. Keep it full of light.
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Thanks to Cultivator for the info he provided about plants going hermie this is very true, I never noticed that I did not include this important piece of info so thanks again to Cultivator, I do not use fem seeds but prefer to use regular seeds, for that particular reason.
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I have been away for a while - traveling - so onto some growing - I wouldn't attempt the dark periods in hydro, using a perpetual set-up would be quite difficult to attempt also, especially if you're flowering at different times, different photo-period etc. To execute this properly it needs to be done in transition between grow - flowering 36 hrs dark, then at the end of flowering day 56 if it's an 8 week variety 36hrs dark period, I have noticed a considerable increase and speed of flowering due to the florigen, anti-florigen ratio.
Well your on to something. This is true but only out it in the dark 2 or 3 days before you cut it down in less then 5% humidity. I believe it increases thc content. I was thought this about 7 years ago and still do it to this day. But don't switch off your light cycle intentionally. You'll get hermaphrodites