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Amateur - Trying Small Tent DP White Widow Fem


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Hi guys, don't know if I will post pics yet.
I would have to Photoshop them anyway because, of course, this is all hypothetical... you know...
I totally didn't grow 3 Bubbleberry plants a few years ago as my first grow... at all...
To save time, anything I put in here is made up, any images are Photoshop and I have no idea what any of this means...

Anyway THEORETICALLY I got some seeds!
(Hedging my bets, as I would only want to grow enough to supply myself and a small sample for a couple of select friends, I purchased only ONE fem seed each of DP WW and an AK47 and a red cherry berry from other banks, all fem. These mothers better make me proud!)

Got a small tent (like 1.5 foot X 2.5 X 4)
Got a HPS/MH 250w combo.
Got an exhaust fan duct taped to the top outlet to suck the air out.
Hung light (MH for now) about 2 foot or half way up the tent.
purchased some AN nutes.
sprouted the WW first right in her final home, a 10 litre? or thereabouts pot wiht a home mixed combination of some succulent potting mix with a small amount of nutes, perlite and vermiculite about 1/3 each. (I also added long fiber svagenum? but I didn't like it. started to mold or moss over so I removed most of it.I figure this will sorta give me a hybrid hydro/soil combo? anyway, I made up a very weak solution of AN veg A/B nutes and pre-wet the soil with it and another dose of fresh water on top to dilute them even further. let it settle for about a week then re-wet freshwater again and sprouted!
Didn't get the light till after she was showing so she got a crappy 11W CFL 40somethinghundred k for the first 3 days of show. didn't like that much but she perked right up under the 250w MH once it came!
Had some probs with temp/humid (too high/low) so added the ol' evap cooler with a bit of cardboard box handywork to funnel it into the intake at the bottom. much cooler and more humid now.
anyways, she sprouted on paper towel on good Friday, she showed above soil Easter Monday, got put under the proper light on the friday of that week, has been on 19/5 since under a homemade SCROG screen.

By the way, this is only my 2nd grow and I have never scrogged before so I am hoping for a kinda bumper crop but I know I will have to be happy with whatever I manage to pull... Putting all my faith in a single WW seed so this will be a test of DP for me as to how reliable they are, if she's good, she will probably be cloned for the next harvest before I unshell the AK or the RCB.
temps are around 23.5 not very often to 28 (median stays around 26 or so) Unfortunately I can't leave the cooler on all the time. and about 19 lights off which is thru the day.
Anyways if anyone wants to see my Photoshop pics, please comment, am I doing OK for a 2nd timer, I haven't grown since that first time about 6 years ago but thought about it ever since...
anyway, paying too much for shwag has gotten the best of me... so here we are...
BTW she looks pretty healthy so far (7th night under the lights and the first 5 pointed leaves are starting to grow out) nice green colour and seems to be enjoying herself!

Haven't had to water yet because of the large pot size, will probable make the first official watering just water (bought a purifier jug for clean water) and not a whole lot (again large pot size) as there are probably still nutes in the soil for her to reach for. (I haz done my re-surch)

Hoping and praying for the stanky spanky....

Will keep you posted... so to speak...

fish cake

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sounds like you got a plan budz
welcome to :420:
you should do well with a scrog givin enough veg time and training.
I love scrog growing and its rewarded me well. anyway I will follow along and hope for the best for you.
good luck and happy gardening


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Wow! Did not expect such a quick and positive response!
(probably should have though as you all enjoy the same herb as I do!)
Anyway, screw it, posting a dump of all the pics thus far... including the last couple from about an hour ago.
BTW, the last (first) grow I did was waaaay to hot as I did it in a shed in the summer... got it to some nice budz but got spidermites about 3 weeks before proper harvest so ripped early and only ended up with about 2 ounces dried and cured which still smoked as good as anthing I have ever purchased... therefore I hope to give this girly some love (indoors this time) and for the first time in my life actually experience the smoke they give you in Amsterdam with your coffee...

That's the goal here people...
If I can't buy it, if everyone else around here is too damn lazy to try and grow truly excellent weed (and sell it to me!)
I guess I will have to do it myself! (hypothetically of course!)

I just received some growtek monster bloom, veg growth blaster and blossom blaster.
She will be my fat lil sow...
I am thinking of feeding her only dose of the veg booster when I see the first adult fan leaves (9 points) but should I give it to her sooner? what do you think? I would reckon too much for a seedling but maybe the 7 pointers?
I got solid trident leaves at the moment the the lil tiny shoots of the 5ers and it seems to be about 2 or 3 days between new growth shoots so I am VERY happy right now...
I am also considering swapping the light for the HPS early as she is squat and fat and I kinda need her to lank up to the SCROG screen!
any thoughts would be appreciated.
how does she look for a week and a half old?
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here is what you need to know for posting photographs in your journal, outside sites are not allowed.

420 Magazine ®

Thank you!
Bugger it, here is the gallery since I can't be arsed re doing all the comments on this round you will have to work out which days are what I just dumped them all instead of one a day like in the post so there are sometimes 2 sometimes 3 a day and see if you can pick the day I took some after work and some before bed! fun game! :)
BTW, for completeness. My nutes are as follows:
I have seasol which isn't exactly nutes but contains all the trace elements and bio stuff and is organic, I want these buds to be tasty! so even on most clean waterings I will probably add a drop or two until 2 weeks before harvest.

AN Jungle juice grow 2 part a-b for base veg, with a once only application of the growtek veg booster i just received!
These will be my only veg nutes. I want to keep it simple yet make sure I get some damn yield!
I have AN Sensi Bloom on the way for flowering base, the PH balancing attracted me.
Along with this I have the growtek Blossom Blaster (once only probably once the SCROG screen is full and the lights get flipped.)
along with the grotek monster bloom for (hopefully) massive buddz!
I will be feeding the seasol in small doses all long the way unless I need to flush.
Going with the less is more theory with the nutes until I get the hang of it.
Anyway, will check in soonish I guess and keep you posted!

<derp forgot to put the link in>
My baby from sprout to today.


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Ok I gave her a first watering with 2lt of filtered (brita so i think that qualifies as RO? i am asking??) and i put in literally a drop each of the Jungle juice 2 parter along with a drop of the seasol and, because I did some more reading last night, I also added some of the monster bloom (like not even 1/10th of a teaspoon, just a tiny dusting) and she seems to like it, nice and green and the stem has doubled in girth since yesterday I reckon!

Next water will be pure and fresh as I think the nutes in the rest of the soil combined with what I just added will do for at least another week or two, ferting again with the veg booster's only shot the water after that.

I also seem to have damaged an emerging leaf whilst trying to get some crap off the middle of the plant a couple of days ago cause my 3rd set of true leaves has a hald missing leaf! hope this didn't stress the plant too much as this is a fem seed! u guys think i'll be ok?
growth didn't slow down much so looks like i'm allright.

I also changed the light out for the HPS in the dark period. hoping for some stretch as I want this bitch to get to the screen!
Will take today's photos when the lights come on in 5 min. might get a day or two under my belt until i upload again.

Well that's it for me today, please post any advice any WW growers have for me, especially if you have grown the DP pheno. any advice greatly appreciated, I already have gathered they don't like high nutes so I am def. taking it easy.

Bong on!


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ok so I gave the lil girl a very weak dose of nutes, also found some damage that I seem to have caused when wiping some crud off the growing tip (don't use a pocket knife!) I hope i didn't stress her too much as she is a fem seed...
the damaged leaves are still krinkly after a day under the HPS, (I swapped out the globes just before "dawn" in the cab yesterday)
I also raised the reflector as the heat seems more intense from the HPS, I thought more lumens per watt would mean less heat per watt but maybe the more red means more infra red...

Anyway, looking for advice, she is sleeping till 3pm, will check up on her then.
does this look like a problem though? I put a little more fresh filtered water around the stem just in case I have too many nutes to dilute a little hopefully, i will flush if this is an emergency though... I also moved the light again just after they switched off this morning it is now nearly 3 foot from the pot, I want to make this thing stretch it is so squat it hasn't even grown past the rim of the pot yet and we are into week 2 since she sprouted! the nodes are like 2mm apart!
Please any advice would be appreciated.


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ok i made a thread in the FAQ section cause i kinda mangelated a leaf or two before they grew...
anyways, I made a cheap little CO2 setup today with a lil tub, some sugar, some water, some self raising and some bakers yeast... i know it says on here not the best but its what i could get cheap and at the supermarket!
anyways, had to empty out half the solution cause my tube was starting to fill with foam! smelled like heady baking bread too! and this was only after like an hour!
now I have it bubbling away at about a 1cm bubble every 5 sec or so. don't know if that will do anything as I do vent the tent might help a little though!
I am going to take a couple of pix so I will take one of the bubbler... its working a charm at the moment!
anyway the link to the faq is:
420 Magazine ®
please any advice would be appreciated.
next post will have latest pix


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ok here are the latest:

Da bubbler, putting out about a cm3 of co2 in 5 sec.



Da baby, as you can see those 3rd set of leaves are a bit yuck... the next set seem fine so far though.

p.s. was it a good idea to switch the lights you think? i hear you get more stretch from the HPS and i want this bitch to get to the screen! the nodes are so close together! should I just go back to the MH at a greater distance? the lights are so different! will it shock the plant?
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so don't worry about stretch then? I must say temps are much better than before though I made the co2 factory to counter high temps in the first place so I will take your advice... gimme a minute...
EDIT: ok that took 5 min but i had to stare at her for another 10, I think i'm gonna like SCRoG.
The light is now almost touching the screen, which is about a foot above the pot, which the top of the plant hasn't even tried to go past yet!
The bubbler is bubblin away, I moved it down to the floor as the air i have coming in from an evap cooler straight into the bottom vent and then channeled into the pot and the exhaust fan is up top so i guess the co2 will mix on the way up even though it is heavier than the air. u think that poofteenth of a bubble will have any effect at all?

EDIT EDIT: I hear you when you say brita is not RO water, I have been doing some reading this weekend, but from what I can tell they do reduce the PPM and PH of tap water as well as remove much of the chlorine and such... so I am guessing it is still better than tap water? remember I have proper nutes so I shouldn't have any deficiencies most ppl use RO water with these nutes apparently so britta better? (just not RO)
and yes, that is a question? lol


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Do you like my dual temp/humid and plant pic? hopefully you can also make out the new branches growing.
I may have stumbld on a new sog method! I nicked the 5 pointed leaves when they where just lil buds and now I seem to have had an explosion in the side shoots but the top is still one growing stem! I may not have to scrog this yet, the lower 4 branches are taking off and looks like they may be pretty even with the top cola by flower! you reckon I might have disrupted that hormone that makes the side branches grow more without actually topping the plant? That's my theory, all I know is last time I had 3 plants under a 400w HPS for the whole grow and man did they STRETCH!
This thing is only like 2 inches above the soil and the newest sprouts are the 9 pointed fan leaves!
AND those leaves are only about an inch from the lowest growing branch site and are about the same size as said lower brancing leaves!

you can see the tiiiiny lil 9 pointed fans juuuusst starting to appear. The ones on the lower branch nodes are the same size as these! Should I maybe switch back to MH in a week or two for veg proper or should I stick to HPS for the duration now?


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I realized you couldn't see shat on the pix I just took. Looks like the ol Iphone at least will compensate if I make it. This is a MUCH better pic.

As you can see there are already ample side shoots popping out, my question is:
Do you think it was because of the leaf damage early in life? OR
Do you think it was because I was effing with the lights (mh to hps and moving them up and down)
OR i suppose, a combination of the 2!?!??
This is DP WW fem remember, so if the strain is known for bushiness like this then please, let me know that too.

EDIT: Just thought up another or
Could it be that because I have used the pot I am finishing in, would it be because there is so much room for the roots to grow that that is all she has done for the past 2 weeks? and now Just... BANG! (looks like the start of a bang anyway)
EDIT EDIT: Dammit, OR cause I put the tiny amount of bloom booster in the last feed? Or, once again, combination!?!?!?!


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New post for unrelated question:
My lemon tree outside has just become packed with lemons! (I ferted it in summer with potash,cuz it looked dead! yay me!)
I was thinking of using the lemon juice for ph down from now on, I hear at least a little of the lemon flavour will make it to the finished product, and WW is supposed to be a bit lemony anyway so I feel I am not "adulterating" the flavour in any way, just enhancing an already present trait. Anyway I have seen good and bad said about lemon juice as PH buffer, would FRESH (as in squeezed drop bu drop into the watering can until the ph is right) lemon juice be better than the aquarium stuff I have now? ( I have an aquarium PH kit but a better meter)

bloody EDIT:
The aquarium kit I have been using contains sodium phosphate - monobasic as the ph down
and plain old bicarb as the ph up (which I will probably rarely use)

This will likely all become moot in flower anyway as I have just received my package of sensi bloom! YAY me again!

John C

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i would not add too many unknown variable into my grow. i would use the ph adjusting chemicals you purchased. a new brita is a carbon filer nothing more, it will absorb some things from the water until it reaches its saturation point then leach them back into the water. reverse osmosis filtered water is the gold standard. white widows is an indica dominant plant that is short and bushy by nature. how high are your lights now above the plants? i would use the metal halide bulb for vegetative growth if you have not already switched to it.


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Cheers mate, Will swap back to the MH this weekend, I'm at work during the dark period for this baby, less chance of fires n such plus easier to control the temp with lights on at night and cheaper zap zaps! its just win win... anyway will make the swap back on sat morning. I'm sure a week of HPS won't hurt her that much and really it's still a seedling and by saturday at this rate she should be shooting one branch per node i reckon it's all going so fast I just want her to get to the screen and start training!
And thanks for the info about the brita, I will change the filter often, still better than tap water! not getting an RO setup just for a one plant grow! unless there is some cheap one that I have somehow missed? spare jug filters are like 5 bucks and they reckon 3 months between changes so i reckon 1.5 months should be safe(ish). and if you reckon fish tank stuff is the go then I won't argue! though I must say seeing the word "phosphate" on the label did calm me a bit... at least its also SOME form of phosphor!
thanks for the info, I ask so I learn and learn that I may teach others who ask... or something... going for another bong and beddy bies for me...
P.S. One observation I have made which I reckon for me at least seals the "lights 24/0" or "some dark time" issue. My lil girl seems to put on waaay to much growth while I am at work to not be still growing in the dark, so why not give the plant a rest and save the power??!?!?

Oh and the lights are like an inch above the scrog screen which is homemade out of wood and an old shop wire racking unit with about inch X 1.5 inch holes which is about a foot by a foot and a half wide. This puts the light about a foot above the pot which the plant is happily starting to come up to! Shes put on about 1cm in height since I got home I think! FINALLY

I have great airflow now and the hot hand test tells me that it is safe for her to grow up to about 3 or 4 inches below the screen before I have to move the light again, I figure the higher it gets the more bushy it should get naturally because of the light, and since this is SCROG I wil probably take out most if not all of the lower growth below the screen anyway. I think at the rate she seems to be going that light move will be in 1-2 weeks! C'mon stretch!


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Tha latest...
The deformed leaf is just that, deformed... though I have notice she skipped a 7 pointed leaf as the deformed ones have the extra 2 tiny lil ones at the base... and a leaf tip has just formed from the single healthy cotyledon which i was unaware was possible!

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