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Amber Hairs

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Ok, I have a simple question

My plants have been in the budding cycle for 5 weeks going on its 6th today
I've looked at photos of people plants in the same week of development all over the net and noticed that all the hairs are completely white and standing straight up.

My plant on the other hand has about 50% amber hairs on them--- Is that a bad thing or might I be doing something wrong?

No they are not Autos
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some can finish quicker than others some 6 weeks some 12 weeks , some pistols dont like light to close or warm fan air on them ,
do you know what strain you have ?

good luck
They are outdoor plants in Direct sunlight - No fans or lights

And yes I do Pineapple Express and Sweet Black Angle
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I don't have a scope, I was going to base it off the number of weeks spent in flowering
I might try and use my macro lens- that might work lol
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I think I've become immune to the smell of my buds even though they are outside and I only smell them once a day lol