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Amber trichomes


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I just noticed last night for the first time some of the trichomes are a little amber. when would be the best time for me to harvest? should i wait until half are amber or harvest sooner than that? this is my first grow and i want the best buds possible.
I generally chop at the first sign of amber trichs. It all comes down to what you're looking for. More amber generally produces a more couchlock/indica type buzz where clear/cloudy produces more of a head buzz. If you're seeing amber, you can chop at any time. I usually take test buds each week during the last weeks of flower and chop when I like the high and most.
its all about grower preference really. I chop the top off first, and the top third of the nodes, as these generally are the nicest buds, then I lower the lights for another week and let the lower buds fill out a little more, then chop and trim all of those. You normally will get tired of trimming halfway into a plant, and trimming a semi-dry plant is difficult.
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