America's #1 Cash Crop: Cannabis


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California leads the nation with $13.8 Billion industry.

Cannabis is now the most valuable cash crop grown in the US, exceeding the value of corn and wheat combined, according to a study released Dec. 18, 2006. The trend harkens back to the early days of the American Republic, when hemp was the cash crop traded by gentlemen farmers like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other of the nation's founders.

Today's domestic cannabis crop comprises 56.4 million plants cultivated outdoors worth $31.7 Billion, plus 11.7 million indoor plants worth $4.1 Billion, according to the report "Marijuana Production in the US". The study by public policy analyst Jon Gettman, PhD, draws on data from the federal government.

California is home to more than a third of the nations emerald harvest, with an estimated production of $13.8 Billion: higher than the value of the state's combined grape, vegetable, and hay harvests.

Moreover, herb is the top cash crop in a dozen other states, the report states despite billions of tax dollars spent over decades of cannabis "eradication" campaigns in which over 100 million plants have been destroyed.

"The fact that marijuana is America's number one cash crop after more than three decades of govermental eradication efforts is the clearest illustration that our present marijuana laws are a complete failure," said Marijuana Policy Project executive director Rob Kampia.

"America's marijuana crop is worth more than our nation's annual production of corn and wheat combined. And our nations laws guarantee that 100 percent of the proceeds from cannabis sales go to unregulated criminals rather than legitimate businesses that pay taxes to support schools, police and roads.

Gettman is an adjunct instructor in public administration at Shepherd University in WV, specializing in economic development. His report is posted online at Marijuana Arrests in the United States (2007)

Author: Bruce Mirken
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Today, Feb. 19, gold is worth $21.54 USD per gram. A gram of marijuana averages around $20 for really good stuff. So it is safe to say that gram for gram buds are as valuable as gold. :3:


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Yet another reason to legalize, we are losing billions of dollars in tax revenue from it being illegal. Not to mention a massive market that is already established, if they were to legalize the economy would make a nice jump.
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