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Ammonia Smelling Buds


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I harvested a Purple Trash clone that I grew as an experiment about 2 weeks ago.

I dried it in a shoe box with very good ventilation for about 7 days. The stems were snapping.

I put it in a mason jar to cure, it's been there 7 days today.

I opened the jar today to burb it as I do everyday about 3 or 4 times...love the smell..and today it smelled like ammonia but that dissipates quickly after opening the jar.

This isn't uncommon thing for the strain from what I've read. It hasn't smelled like this before and I see no sign of mold at all.

I'm assuming the change in the smell is a good thing??



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no worries broseph, long as you see no mold, or any nastyness. thats just the smell of some sweet smoke. if its super strong as soon as you open the jar and dissipates over a few moments, thats just n abundance of the smell being bottled up in such tight confines.

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It possible that your plants had a powdery mildew (PM) issue. In bloom under HPS (especially), mildew can resemble trichomes. It may look as if the leaves and buds are frosty and packed with trichomes when in all actuality its trichomes with PM on top. When mildewed buds are curing it will give off an ammonia type of smell. I hope this isn't the case. Here are a few links addressing this question: Why do my buds stink so bad?, post #4465 here> The Deep Water Culture Home, Post #372 here> First Timer, Any Suggestions?, 420 Magazine ®. Never had this problem personally. I hope some of these links help.


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I did have a very minor PM issue but that was in veg and was eradicated. I've had no issues in flower.

It's common in this strain to have some ammonia smell. The smoke is harsh due to a lack of flushing and a quick harvest.

I'm wondering if more curing will have any effect on taste?

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