Amnesia Haze & White Widow - 5x5 - DWC - Scrog Under 450W LED


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Because of the new space and two different kinds of LED lights, I decided to start a second journal.
I've simply re-posted the update from my other journal where the tent and light is setup and growing.
All updates in this journal after this first post will be for the 5x5 tent with the 450W light only.
Cheers all.

High everyone, sorry for the long wait between updates but its gonna be worth it, I promise. I wanna thank everyone who has subbed so far, its really nice to see some of the same people still around, and also lots of new people to learn from and share knowledge with.;)

I finally got all my new equipment setup and running tonight. I put one of my old grow closets out of commission tonight. I'm gonna use it to hang and dry my harvests, but no more growing in it. The second closet is continuing as normal. In place of the de-commissioned closet, I decided to re-invest in my space and upgrade a little. I purchased a new 5x5 Gorilla Grow tent, along with the 450W LED (120 degree). The LED light uses 450W of power, but should produce equivalent if not better than a 1000W HID. I'm looking forward to testing it out for myself.

I've got three plants growing in the new tent....for now. I'm using the reservoir from the old closet for the two small Amnesia haze's in veg, and now because of the extra space, I built myself 2 new DWC reservoirs using 50L storage bins (I'm only using one of the new reservoirs for now), I transplanted the White Widow into its own new reservoir. This resolves the flowering time period problem I had with the Haze needing 4 weeks longer to flower than the Widow.
I can't wait to see what I can pull out of the tent this first round with the new light. I've grown both the Amnesia Haze, and the White Widow using a 240W LED and I excited to see how much more this 450W LED will produce.
I've also decided that I'm going to pop some new seeds. I got some Rockstar Kush seeds in the 2015 Karma Cup judges package, so those are next to be germinated.

The Tent Stats. Amnesia Haze & White Widow
Day 28 of Veg
White Widow (Black reservoir)
PH= 5.9
reservoir temp= 62F

Amnesia Haze (White reservoir)
PH= 5.8
reservoir temp=62F







That's it for this week, thanks again for subbing, and now that everything is up and running expect a weekly update every Saturday or Sunday.
Stay medicated my friends, Cheers. ;
re: Amnesia Haze & White Widow - 5x5 DWC/Scrog Under 450W LED

Here to watch and learn. I have some WW in a LED/DWC set up going now. I'll be taking notes. :popcorn:
High all, its the weekend and its time for an update.

Not a whole lot has changed with the plants in the tent. The plants are still in veg and starting to grow well, but one thing I did notice is either a little nute burn, or some light burn from the intensity of the new light. I`m leaning toward light burn cause the cuttings were under florescent light until they were put in the tent. Big difference in the intensity of the lighting. Also the plants were used to that (400PPM) nute strength from before the transplant. All the new growth looks nice and green anyway, so nothing to worry about.

I built myself a new two tier screen for the tent using PVC tubing. Its pretty much the exact same as the net in the closets just bigger scale. Its a little tight to move around in the tent now, but this will really help maximize the harvest yield I think. The screen is looking a little empty now but gimme a month......;)

Tent Stats
Day 28 of veg--(49 days since AH cuttings were taken from mother plant)

White Widow(black reservoir)
PH= 5.9
Reservoir temp= 63F

Amnesia Haze(white reservoir)
PPM= 411
PH= 5.9
Reservoir temp= 63F




Light burn

Amnesia Haze


That`s it for another week. Thank you for checking out my grow, and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them and I`ll respond if I can.
Stay medicated my friends.
Cheers ;)
Broski I have really missed your grows. Your so professional, informative, and clean. Glad to be back in your garden.
The kiefers have been well brother. Hows your clan doing?
Much love from my family to yours brother.

Looking killer bro.
Happy daze.

Thanks man, the whole family is doing well. Glad to have you following the grow, I can't wait to see the screen fill up.
High all. Hope you all had a great week.
Got all my grow chores done last night so just sitting back today enjoying some concentrates and flowers. Got some really nice White Rhino & Strawberry cough Shatter from the local dispensary, and smoking on some White Widow from my last harvest. Cheers ;)





Things are moving along nicely in the tent. The plants are growing well now for sure, and the Amnesia is very close to the trellis net. I topped both Amnesia plants once each last week, and topped the Widow 8 times, and all the new branches are developing well. I'm thinking another couple of weeks and they will be ready for the flip.

Day 35 of veg growth.

White Widow (Black reservoir)
PPM= 505
PH= 5.9
Reservoir temp= 62F
RH= 35-45%

Amnesia Haze (White reservoir)
PPM= 480
PH= 6.0
Reservoir temp= 62F
AH= 35-45%








That it for another update. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post.
Have a good week and stay medicated my friends.
Cheers. ;)
Subbing up for what looks to be a fun ride!! What led are you using? Looks beastly! :bravo:

Hi Johnny Blaze, thanks for subbing, the fun hasn't even started yet. Still gonna veg these plants out for a least a couple more weeks.
The light is a SpectrumKing, this is my first round with the new light so i'm excited to see what it will produce.
Great update man. I've been looking into the spectrum king. I love the all white.
Happy daze.

Thanks Dusty. I'm diggin' the white spectrum LED also, certainly easier to take pictures of plants. I've heard boasts from the manufacturer that the light is better than a 1000w HPS, with some test grows as proof...I'm gonna run my own test & we'll see.
Cheers ;)
High everyone:ciao:

Another week has passed and its time for the update.
The plants in the tent are really doing well, it took a while for them to get used to the new light and to get over the transplant shock but they are really growing fast now.

The White widow is really starting to bush out, and looks nice & healthy. All the spots where I topped the plant a couple of weeks ago have done their job. There are gonna be a ton of cola's on this plant when it flowers out. I'll do some more topping next week when I take some cuttings, give it another week to recover, and then flip the lights to flower.

The two Amnesia Haze have both really put on size this past week. They are at the screen now, so I can start to spread them out a little before the flip.
This is the third round growing the Amnesia and I'm going to drop one of the two plants/pheno's (not take any cuttings of it) because it just doesn't grow or smoke as well as the other. The AH on the left side of the closet (top plant in pics in tent) produces the nice big cola's but the buds don't seem as dense, or as triched out as the plant on the right (bottom plant in reservoir in tent). Also the right side plant seems to take about a week less to finish and be ready for the flush. That's the great thing about growing your own. You can cut out the plants that don't work for you, and focus on what does.

The Amnesia haze in the closet...three weeks til harvest



White Widow Stats (black reservoir)
Day 42 of veg
PPM= 660 (a little high but still getting used to the new reservoir size)
PH= 5.8
Water temp= 64F
Air temp= 70F
RH= 35%

Amnesia Haze Stats (white reservoir)
Day 42 of veg
PPM= 550
PH= 5.9
reservoir temp= 64.5F
air temp= 70F
RH= 35%








That's it for another week. Things are moving along nice and smooth, another couple weeks until the flip.
Thanks for checkin out my grow, and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them.
Stay medicated my friends & Cheers. ;)
High everyone, its the weekend, and its time for an update on the grow.
The plants are doing really well, and the screen is quickly filling in. I'm actually a little surprised at how fast the Amnesia is growing, and the widow too for that matter. The plants have just exploded with growth over the past week, and we are getting really close to the flip I think.

During the reservoir change I topped all the plants four or five times each, and also took cuttings from both strains for the next round.
I took a look at the roots during the change also, and I don't know if its the new light or what, but the root zone in both reservoirs is looking better than any previous grow EVER!!! Really white roots, and fuzzy at the top near the net cup. They just look really healthy and amazing. I think I'm going to flip to flower mid-week, or by next weekends update at the latest.

White Widow Stats (black reservoir)
Day 49 of veg.
PPM= 535
PH= 6.0
Air temp= 75F
reservoir temp= 62F

Amnesia Haze (white reservoir)
Day 49 of veg
PPM= 535
PH= 5.9
air temp=75F
reservoir temp= 62F
RH= 43%







The next generation.



That's it for another week's update. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them, and other than that, stay medicated my friends.
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