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Amnesium Clone #2 - 2'x2' - DWC - Mars-Hydro Mars Pro II 80


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Welcome to my new journal! :) It should last more than 2 days! :laugh:

The light is the Mars-Hydro Mars Pro II 80, it is the equivalent to a 200W HID.
The tent is a noname from eBay, 2'x2'x5'.
I have a 6" carbon scrubber with an inline fan. There's a little humidifer to increase the humidity to around 45%-50%.

I use the OEM nutrients from the hydro store:
Veg: A (5-0-2) B (1-5-8)
Bloom: A (6-0-3) B (1-4-8)

And I use some potassium silicate to help the root.

This is the second clone of my Amnesium, she had a very rough life living for 5 months under a little stripe of led. She was in ProMix and I cutted the branches like a bonsai tree.

I transplanted her to DWC last week, here's a picture.

Today I change the bucket, there were a lots of dirt from the transplant.
Here's some new pix, after 6 days she has grown some new leaves! :)

She still struggling but I'm pretty sure she will be better in a week or two.
I'm planning to fill the net before going in bloom.



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She's growing! But she still have 3 fingers leaves.

And I receive my new inline fan!
Panasonic FV-20NLF1 WhisperLine 240 CFM! :cheer:

I had a box with an inline fan inside and with a speed controller, but since the tent is in my closet of my bedroom I could still hear the "hmmmm" of the fan in the middle of the night.

So I decided to buy the WhisperLine, it's ugly but it's really silent!!

When I start it, the fan is completely silent I just hear the "woosh" from the air.
I still use the speed controller with it, I can hear a little noise from the fan because I lowered the speed a lot, I will try another controller.

But now the fan inside the tent make more noise then this one outside! :laugh:
I will see tonight how it goes! :)


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She's doing so well! :)

The roots are sparkly white! The PH goes from 5.3 to 6.1 in 3-4 days, then a put a few drops of ph down (nitric acid).
Today I played with the net, and do a good scrog I think! :ganjamon:

The metal pin I use for the net is very easy to bend and cut, so I added some and move others! :smokin2:

What the light see... :Hookah:

From the side! :cheer:



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Looks great Weezze. That girl sure has steadied up from what she looked like when you put her in there. Great job on the scrog too, thats going to work nicely for you I bet.
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