Amnesium Clone #2 - 2'x2' - DWC - Mars-Hydro Mars Pro II 80

I see Weezze is still over here knocking it out the park like Sosa on Roids!! Lol!! Great work and i see ur a farther of another one!! Keep dem beans popping like popcorn!!
Day 38 in bloom

I had an operation on my hand last week, that's why I didn't update my thread. I've been waiting for almost a year for this! Right now I can only use my right hand and my left thumb, it's pretty hard to do things! :straightface:

At least the Amnesium is doing very well, I've been able to do a refill yesterday with my water pump. Today the ph is 6.05! :)
I increase the exhaust, the smell was coming out of the tent! I guess that's a good thing! :laugh:

On a sad note, my seed didn't survive. I guess it's because of the cold temp. :rollingeyes:

Here's some new pix.



Day 43 in bloom

I've done a refill 2 days ago, and today the ph is 5.81! :)

I thought that the smell was coming out of the tent, but it was my carbon scrubber! I guess the no-name filter from eBay is not that good with late blooming. :icon_roll
So I used my other old scrubber lying around and put it at the end of my exhaust! perfect! no smell and no noise!! :cheer:


3 more weeks to wait! :tommy:


The smell is a mix of skunk and sweet, I guess it's the leaves that smell skunky because I put my nose over a bud and it smelled so candy-sweet!! :love:


Doing very good weeze! Great work in a small space!! Keep it up! M really bout to do a one plant bucket grow off the side if my tent. And when i kick it off i know exactly who to look up!!
Day 46 in bloom

Since 2 days ago the ph began to drop, so today I change the bucket with a new batch of nutrients, 3/4 the strength. I added the potassium silicate and drop the ph to 5.88.

Here's some pix with my new phone! :)


Day 56 in bloom

The flush has started! :)
I change the bucket with tap water and set the ph to 6. I have the FloraKleen, thanks to Scrogdawg! :thumb:
But on the bottle it say to use at 1 or 2 days before harvest! should I use it right now anyway? :hmmmm: I plan to flush for 7 days.



Re: Day 56 in bloom

I have the FloraKleen,

From what I red in different forums, there's a lot of different way of using it.
Some will use it all flush, others the first 2-3 days than replace with only water, and there's the other way around.

So I'll add it in 2 or 3 days, it will be used for the last 3 or 4 days before harvest. :)

Here's my other little lady, she's growing in ProMix HP with tap water under a little cfl and led strip. Going great! :love:

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