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Amnesium - Former Amnesia - DWC - LED


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I started another grow, I've not been able to keep clones from my SSH (see signature), so I bought some new seeds. The last time I bought seed was in 2008! lol! I always kept clones until now...

I started the seed in wet paper then I put her in soil. After 3 weeks I transpant her in DWC with half the strength.

Right now the light is only a ufo led light, around 50w I guess, and I have 2 neon.
But I should receive my new light in a few days, a Mars-Hydro Mars Pro II epistar 80, for my size it should be ok.

What strain is it? Amnesium (former Amnesia) from Victory Seeds
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Mostly Sativa
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Early veg, about 4 weeks from seed.
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor, tent 2'x2'x5'
Soil or Hydro? DWC
Temp of Room/cab? 80F
RH of Room/cab? 45%
PH of media or res? 5.6
Any Pests ? only my cats
Type and strength of ferts used?
OEM from the hydro store:
Veg: A (5-0-2) B (1-5-8)
Bloom: A (6-0-3) B (1-4-8)

Here's a picture 2 days of transplant.

Here's after about 1 week after transplant, that was yesterday.



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I receive my new light!! :)
Mars Pro II epistar 80

Right now its at 18" of the plant, I'll check in the next few days how it goes! :thumb:

The picture was taken with the green glasses of Mars-Hydro that get with it.
The light is really intense!!



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Almost 5 weeks from seed! The PH is at 5.5.

I've installed the UFO led light on the side, and switch on the "bloom" from the mars light, the "growth" only switch is less intense than the ufo! So more light for her! :)

There's a leaf twisted, I think is because of the ufo being more intense from the side. I'll see in the next days...



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The PH raise to 6.1 today! I guess she began to eat a lot more! :)
I use some nitric acid for ph down, the brand is the oem from the hydro store I go.

I put 4-5 drops and.. it was too much! It drop to 4.5.. :rolleyes3
I let it like this, I will look at it later. I'm pretty sure it will raise again.

The curly leave is still curly, but bigger!

Here's the top of my tent, I have a fan that blow below, and yes there's a lot of cats airs!
And I have a carbon scubber with a 6" inline fan on top of the tent.

My biggest problem is the noise from the exhaust. I have a dimmer (not sure of the right term) and with the lowest speed there's still some noise.
During the day its ok, with all the surrounding noise I can not hear it.
But at night, its in my closet of my room, so I can hear it.

Not sure of its the whooosh from the air or the fan itself, I have to work it out....


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Today I change the reservoir with new nutrients.
The recipe is 5ml of each bottle per 2L of water. The bucket is 16L so it will be 40ml, but since she's still young I use 30ml of each bottle.
The PH is at 5.6 after the mix. :thumb:

And I receive my new plant older with wheels! :slide: I will be able to move the bucket easily around the tent! :laugh2:



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Is Amnesium and Amnesia the same strain or?


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Is Amnesium and Amnesia the same strain or?
Not sure but I guess, the description talk about Amnesia, its maybe the same but from another breeder. :30:

After many years winning cups, Amnesia remains the No. 1 in coffee shops all over Holland, and seeing its name and reputation grow, the operator of Amnesia has produced the first Original Amnesia feminized. Amnesia is a race of brutal power production and created by a Dutch farmer from the famous Haze and Northern Lights, and others. In the Netherlands it is one of the most sold in coffeeshops year after year, and has won many awards, so many that it is difficult to name them all. It is a sativa that flowers as an indica, fast, very productive, and manageable height. It produces a very high potency with a very sweet Haze, sweeter than the vast majority of hybrids, and a large amount of resin crystals. The high production of this elite clone has been determined to become a favourite in the Netherlands and because of that prestige it has become a highly sought variety in Europe.


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I choose the Amnesium by elimination...
I wanted a sativa that grow not to big and with a relative short flower circle.
With high THC and possible haze genetic.
And finally I had a 50$ visa prepaid card, so not a 100$/seed! :laugh:

So I choose this strain.

Genetics : Haze
Variety : Mostly Sativa
THC Content : 23%
CBD Content : 0.80%
Plant Height : 70-180 cm
Flowering Time : 9-10 weeks
Taste / Flavour : Haze, Sweet



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I have grown the original Amnesia several times. It's a great daytime smoke. One of the best smelling strains out there. Kinda smells like lemon. It does stretch quite a bit after you induce flowering so keep that in mind. It seems to be a very stabile strain as every seed I have grown ends up with an almost identical plant. Good choice of strain. It can handle over and under-fertilization well. It handles both heat and cold well. Very strong plant it's difficult to go wrong with.


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Think my favorite thing about this strain is the leaf to calyx ratio. There's hardly anything to trim away
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