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Amsterdam 420 Smoke-Out Protest 2013


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Location: Amsterdam's City Hall.
Date: April 20, 2013- Time: 16.20

Last year we organized the first Amsterdam 4:20 Smoke Out, meant to trigger the resistance against the Weedpass and other repressive government plans against the entire Dutch coffeeshop culture.

Looking back at last year's AMS 4:20 brings back (s)weed memories, not only did we have a great manifestation, with a 1000+ protesters turning and rolling up, the event was the spark that ignited the protests against the Weedpass!

Although the Weedpass was not introduced in the whole country, a part of the failed Weedpass system is still being upheld in the Southern Provinces, where the coffeeshopstaff are still forced to refuse non-Dutch adults.

One of the reasons the Weedpass was not introduced nationwide was the resistance of several City Mayors in the rest of the country, with Amsterdam's Mayor van der Laan as their main man, he was the first Mayor to announce he would not refuse tourists in 'his' coffeeshops. His example was soon followed by the other big Cities and Towns with coffeeshops.


This years #AMS420 will be organized at the same place, same day, same time, but this year we will light our joints in honor of Mayor Eberhard van der Laan, for his stance against the exclusion of foreigners to one of Amsterdam's main attractions: The cannabis coffeeshops!

#AMS420 - 2012, was a success.

The theme for this years protest is to get the supply of cannabis to coffeeshops regulated and legalized, in other words, to open the "Backdoor" of the coffeeshops for cannabis products with an invoice, including taxes. We will make sure a backdoor is present.

Besides our main theme we will also take a stance against the upcoming 15 % THC limit, the planned closure of 70 coffeeshops in Amsterdam and the ongoing discrimination in the South.

We will also invite some of our colleagues from the Southern Provinces to describe their present situation, with the Resident criteria still being upheld in their coffeeshops. One can hardly imagine that a small country like the Netherlands made discrimination legal in 3 of our countries provinces.

That is why we are going for complete legalization of the coffeeshop supply line, only that will make most of the old and new restrictions unnecessary and/or outdated.

We hope we can make this manifestation as peaceful and effective as last years event, and we count on you and your friends to show up in numbers, to show Amsterdam and the world the resistance against the prohibition of cannabis is mounting, and we will not back down until we win!

We expect a bigger turn up than last year, when we could not disclose the location earlier than a few hours before the event, this year we all know where and what, so help us get the word out for a huge turnout!

#AMS420 Organizer Peter Lunk is taking care of all preparations involved in the whole 4:20 event, there will be music, speakers and a poster/banner competition, plus, what we could not arrange last year, he has found us a place for a party in the evening, until the late hours!

We are game, are you?
Nol van Schaik.
#AMS420 Host.
Peter Lunk
#AMS420 Organiser

Speakers a.o. : Wernard Bruining, Nol van Schaik, Mario Lap, Peter Lunk.

More info: #AMS420 - 'Smoke-Out' Program Infopage US/UK
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