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Amsterdam Ahoy!!!!


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Hey guys hows tricks. Haven't been onsite for a long time due to personal matters but am back now. Still growing and the usual.

am heading to the Dam' on 5th november for 4 nights and as i haven't been in nearly 12 years I was looking for any advice for places to visit (not just smokin places tho, historical etc) Also have a couple of mates who won a competition to the Amsterdam Dance festival later this week (how cool and lucky is that)

Hope all is well with everyone


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I was reading back a few threads and found this thread.. his first post has a link to a journal he wrote about all the shops ect. i found it interesting and made note of a few things.. just a thought :) 420 Magazine ®

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I made the following post a couple years ago shortly after returning from a trip to Amsterdam. I don't imagine a whole lot has changed since then.

Tips for Amsterdam

-Don't go to coffee shops directly in or around the Red Light Distric. They charge more for the same stuff.

-Plan to spend at least a full day in Haarlem. Its 10 miles west of Amsterdam, and costs about 6 euros round trip. I actually stayed in Haarlem on my second trip because I enjoyed the place so much. I'd recommend going there very early in your trip and trying to make a deal with one of the shop owners to buy some different wares in bulk. Its a lot cheaper that way and you can get just as good of stuff as you'll find in Amsterdam. They aren't really allowed to sell more than 5g to one person, so don't come in acting like a cop. Here's how I did it:

Go to a shop early in the day when they aren't busy. Buy a gram or two of their house specialty and roll up a fat joint. Start smoking, offer the bar tender a hit, and ask him what's going on in the area this week. Tell him how bad ass his cannabis is, and ask what kind of a deal he can give you. There's a good chance he has a bunch of one kind that he'd like to move, but try to work in as many varieties as possible.

-Go to the Grey Area and buy a sack of their most expensive stuff . . . then get ready to get Fucked the Fuck Up. :60:

-Bring your own ketchup (I'm a big fan and didn't want to pay .25eu for a skimp packet at McDonalds)

-Don't stay at the cheapest hostile you can find online. Those places are nasty. Look for places that advertise private bathrooms.

-Try to meet some locals as they often know about cool shit to do, and places to get good deals.

-You know how you always get that advice whenever you are going to a big city about watching out for pick-pockets, yet nothing ever happens and you're never worried about someone picking your pocket? Well, at night, near the train station, or in the RLD, Watch Out For Pick-Pockets trust me.

-Don't buy drugs from people on the streets. First, you'll likely get ripped-off, but more importantly, its illegal, and you don't want want to deal with ANY leagal system outside of the US or Canada.

-Check out the Rijksmuseum. If you really enjoy it, try the Van Gogh. If not, skip it, its more of the same. Note: Both of the museums kick ass, IMO. Be cautious smoking joints in the street in the museum distcrict, as they frown upon that in the nicer areas. However, make sure you're freshly stoned before going in to either.

-I'm not a fan of hookers, but its fun to smoke a couple joints while walking around the RLD and listening to the girls call you into their rooms. (Where some other sweaty dude just got off the same bed after dropping his soiled jimmy on the sheets . . . but hey, if thats your thing head on in. Some of the weekend girls are really fucking hot).

I guess that's all I've got. Have a good time. :peace:
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